Algeria 2019. Renault at 40% share in a market down 1.7%

Algerian Vehicles Sales

Algerian Vehicles Sales in 2019 immediately interrupted the recovery. Indeed, Full-year sales have been 125.121, down 1.7% from the previous year. Renault held over 40% of market share, while Volkswagen Group kept growing fast.

Economic Environment

Economic growth accelerated in the third quarter as the economy benefited from a healthy rebound in the hydrocarbon sector. In fact, the hydrocarbon sector posted its first annual increase in two years. The non-energy economy, however, performed poorly as bad weather hit agricultural production and a protracted political crisis dampened both business and consumer confidence.

On the political front, Abdelmadjid Tebboune won the 12 December presidential election and appointed a new government on 2 January. Although Tebboune attempted to assuage protester’s concerns, mass rallies continued, with demonstrators accusing the new President of being part of the traditional political establishment. Algeria’s political crisis has been exacerbated by an ailing economy caused by a massive drop in oil revenues.

Market Trend

In the last five years, the automotive industry in Algeria has dramatically changed, losing over 75% of volumes, due to the government decision to block the vehicles import and push all car makers willing to sell in the country, to establish local facilities.

While the purpose were not original, the approach has been so though to create a very shortage of products and prices jumped in the sky, with market collapsing from the all time record of 429.960 light vehicles units hit in the 2013, to a minimum peak of 101.979 units sold in the 2017. At that point in time, when the first plants have been able to start a growing production, the market approach the recovery, growing at 127.300 in 2018.

However, in 2019 the market did not hold the recovering trend. Indeed, Full-year sales have been 125.121, down 1.7% from the previous year.

Brand-wise, the ranking has seen again by Renault on top, managing to control over 40% of the market. Top competitors were Seat, able to reach 15.7% of share, followed by Dacia, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Skoda.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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