Austria 2023. Auto Market Jumps (+11.2%) Following 5 Falling Years


Austrian Car Sales finally positive in 2023. Following a string of 5 falls, last year the market scored a +11.2% surging at 239,016. Tesla Model Y (+38.6%) jumped in second place, behind Skoda Octavia.

Market Trend and Outlook

Austrian Auto Market in 2023 registered 239,106 units, growing 11.2% from previous year. December rises for the 11th month this year, reporting 18,493 new auto sales (+5.1%).

Looking at cumulative data from 2023 brand-wise, Volkswagen maintains 1st position with 32,602 sales (+5.2%), followed by Skoda in 2nd at 23,684 (+26.5%) and BMW in 3rd with 17,922 new sales (+9.8%).

In 4th position ranks Audi with 15,239 sales (+24.8%), followed by Hyundai with 12,462 (+12.3%), Mercedes -down 1 spot- with 12,157 (+5.6%) and Seat -up 1 spot- at 11,996 new registrations (+15.3%).

Toyota gains 1 spot ranking in 8th position with 9,818 sales (+7.6%), followed by Dacia -up 3 spots- in 9th with 9,576 sales (+24.7%) and Kia closing the leaderboard with 9,065 sales (+4.1%).

Looking at specific models the Skoda Octavia is the best seller rising 52.6% in year-on-year volume, followed by the Tesla Model Y up 38.6%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 models.

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