Bahrain 2020. Toyota gains 1.9% share in market down 16.9%

Bahrain car market
The Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Bahrain auto market in 2020 falls by 16.9% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 26.437. The leader Toyota falls 12.3% but gains 1.9% share.

Economic Environment

The economy contracted 8.9% in the second quarter, according to preliminary estimates, following a softer 1.1% decrease in the first quarter. Q2’s drop was led by a decline in the non-oil sector, while the oil sector managed to grow.

The external sector was hit the hardest, with tourism, and transport and communication services suffering as a consequence of the restrictions imposed at home and abroad to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Turning to Q3, activity is expected to have recovered somewhat thanks to the reopening of economies globally, while continued support from the Central Bank and the government should have helped to boost the economy. On the political front, on 15 September Bahrain followed the UAE’s steps in signing an agreement to normalize relations with Israel, which should enhance trade opportunities.

Market Trend

The Bahrain car market has been hit in 2020 by the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted sales significantly.

The light vehicles market is mirroring the economic environment of the country, hit by the covid-19 virus directly, with all restrictive measures to keep distances and minimize the virus circulation, and indirectly, by the fall of oil price in the international market.

Indeed, Full-Year sales for 2020 have been 26.437, reporting a decline of 16.9% compared to 2019.

Brand-wise, this year the leader Toyota (-12.3%) gained 1.9% market share, followed by Nissan (-29.4%), which lost 1.4% share, and Lexus which gained 2.2% share, rising 19.9%.  Hyundai fell in 4th place and lost 16.8%, followed by Kia -up 3 spots- which lost 1.4%.

The most sold vehicle in the country remains the Toyota Land Cruiser with 2.131 units sold, losing 36% sales and holding 8.1% share.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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