Brazil Vehicles Market in 2015 has lost 850.000 units.

Brazilian Vehicle market

Brazil Vehicles Market in 2015 has lost 850.000 units. The market leader Fiat has lost near the half of 2012 sales and Volkswagen did even worse. See here the 2010-2015 full year sales by brand and discover the few winners.

Market Outlook

The Brazilian Automotive Industry is facing the hardest crisis ever and one of the top difficulties is created by the surprise of it in all operators. Indeed, we have anticipated market difficulties while reporting on the 2013 National Automotive Plan with several concern about its form and the contents, but it objectively difficult to imagine the level of collapse actually achieved by this market.

As reported by the Anfavea, the Brazilian Association of Car Manufacturers, the 2015 ended with total light vehicles sales at 2.476.904, down 25.6% from the previous year, losing 852.000 units.

This was the lower level since the 2008 down 1.150.000 vehicles from the market record hit in the 2012. Unfortunately, the last month was the lost with December posting a record low and anticipating the low sales level arriving in the 2016, when sales are predicted below the 2 million units, the worse level in the last decade.

Competitive Arena

In a table below we report on sales by brand in the period 2010-2015.

Five years ago the market was monopolized by the duel between Volkswagen and Fiat with the Italian brand hitting its record in the 2012 at 838.254 sales, fell at 439.165 in the 2015, Volkswagen is the main loser in the last two years, ranking third with 359.494 sales in the 2015 and losing the second place in favor of Chevrolet.

Thanks of the introduction of last generation of Fiesta and the new Ka, Ford in fourth place has gained share with sales in the 2015 at 253.614. Hyundai, Toyota, Jeep are the main winners in the period.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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