Canada 2015. Car sales over 1.9 million sales hitting the new all-time record

Canada Vehicles Market

Canada Vehicles Market 2015 breaks the 1.9 million sales hitting the new all-time record albeit in December sales had been down after 30 consecutive increase. Market is growing albeit economy suffered a turbulent 2015.

Economic Outlook

Canada’s economy suffered a turbulent 2015. Amidst the backdrop of lower demand for Canadian commodities, as well as for manufactured goods, Canada slipped into recession in the first half of 2015. The Bank of Canada implemented two rate cuts this year in an attempt to spur economic activity and decrease the value of the CAD.

Further stimulus can be expected through increased government spending after the Trudeau government was elected in October. Monthly GDP figures suggest Canada’s economy slowed significantly in September, as the oil and gas industry suffered further rounds of divestment. The prolonged slump in oil prices continues to impact investment in Canada’s energy sector, which is dragging on the country’s growth.

Market Outlook

December has broken the winning series after 30 months of steady and consecutive growth. However, Canadian vehicles market in 2015 hits the new all time record breaking a new barrier, the 1.9 million annual sales, first time ever, albeit a shy domestic economy.

In December, vehicles sold had been 129.127, down 1.9% from the correspondent month last year while in the entire 2015 sales had been 1.901.240 , up 2.6%.

In the research Canada Vehicles Market 2012-2020 Outlook just developed by the focus2move Automotive Experts, the market is foreseen above the 2 million units within the 2017 despite the just elected government have to face economic turbulence generated by the new persistent scenario of low oil price in the international market.

We will be back on reviewing the details of the annual record while in the tables below we have figured out the December performance.

Ford has sold 18.756 vehicles (-5.1%) ending the year with 270.498 units and 14.2% of market share. In second place, Toyota sold 11.095 vehicles (+3.0%) keeping the distance over Honda, third with 10.088 (-15.5%) and Chevrolet, fourth with 10.084 (-4.8%).

A great year-end rush had been performed by Dodge (6th with 7.088, +28.8%), Jeep (10th with 6.233 (+27.5%), Mazda (11th with 4.852.+20.3%) and Land Rover (25th with 900, +42.4%).

As far as the Car Groups performance, FCA recovered the leadership with share at 17.0% followed by Ford with 15.2%, General Motors with 14.4% and Toyota with 10.1%.

As far as the best-selling models, the Ford F-Series sales fell 10.3% at 9.318, followed by the am pick up, with 4.337 units (-24.5%) the Dodge Gran Caravan , advanced in third with 4.162 sales (+32.5%), the Honda Civic with 3.987 (-1.1%), the GMC Sierra with 3.541 (+7.5%), the Ford Escape with 3.159 (-4.7%), and the Toyota Rav 4 with 2.949 (+12.4%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 models.

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