Canada 2019. Ram grew in double-digits while the market lost 3.7%

Canada Auto Sales

Canada Auto Sales in 2019 was moderately negative, signing the second annual decline in a string. Indeed, light vehicles Total sales in 2019 have been 1.928.791, down 3.7% from the previous year. Ram impressed (+13.8%) while several brands declined in double-digits, including Chevrolet, Mazda, Dodge, Dodge, Mini and Infiniti.

Economic Environment

Canadian economic growth softened in the third quarter on the back of a contraction in exports. Domestic demand, however, accelerated due to a surge in fixed investment and stronger private consumption growth amid solid wage gains. Turning to the fourth quarter, growth appears broadly steady.

On the one hand, the unemployment rate ticked up to an over one-year high in November while housing starts ebbed compared to Q3, hinting at softer residential investment. More positively, the manufacturing PMI hit a nine-month high in November amid faster output growth.

Market Trend

Following an impressive series of 8 consecutive growth, the Canadian domestic light vehicles market in the 2017 braked the 2 million units milestone, all time record entering the club of top 10 largest global vehicles industries.

However, such an outstanding level was not maintained in 2019 and the market entered in a moderately declining phase after having declined 2.2% in 2018.

Indeed, according to data released by the Canadian Transportation Authority, light vehicles Total sales in 2019 have been 1.928.791, down 3.7% from the previous year.

The market is always controlled by four brands, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Honda, which have a combined market share of 42%. However, while Toyota registered a positive trend, the two Americans were losing terrain with Ford, still market leader, at 14.5% of share (compared with 16.9% in the 2010) and Chevrolet at 7.3% (compared at 9.6% in the 2010). Honda lost 3.4% from the previous year, ending with 8.7% of share.

In 2019, Ram reported an impressive performance while several brands were declining in double-digits, including Chevrolet, Mazda, Dodge, Mini, Infiniti and Dodge.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturers Group.

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