In 2014 the car market in Macedonia rose only 1.5%.

car market in Macedonia

In 2014 the car market in Macedonia rose only 1.5%. Albeit losing volume Volkswagen was again the leader with Golf as best-selling model. Dacia Duster shines in third place.

In December 2014, according to data released by, a research firm specialized on East European markets, total light vehicles sold In Macedonia have been 452, up 11.1% from the correspondent period last year.

Full Year 2014 new vehicles sales in Macedonia have been 4.217, up 1.5% from 2013.

Since year the market leader is Volkswagen and in 2014 the status was confirmed by the German maker that sold 576 vehicles (-11.6%) with market share at 13.7%.

The second was Skoda with 397 sales (+13.1%) with share at 9.4%, followed by Ford with 337 units (+15.2%), Opel with 296 (+24.0%) and Fiat with 294 units (+17.8%).

As far as best-selling models ranking, the Volkswagen Golf was on top of the list with 192 units (-20.0%) followed by the Skoda Rapid with 181 units (+7.7%) and the Dacia Duster with 140 units (+191.7%).