CarGuard Trevor Smith is Saving Texan’s Money on their Cars


CarGuard Trevor Smith is always on the lookout for ways to protect the wallets and vehicles of Texas.

Smith knows a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is the best way for Texans to protect their vehicles from mechanical failure or wear and tear long after their warranty has expired.

Vehicle Service Contracts can save you the hassle of having to pay out of pocket. For example, suppose you’re driving along Interstate 10 towards Houston, and suddenly you’re experiencing engine troubles. In that case, a Vehicle Service Contract, like those offered by CarGuard, can have you back on the road in a rental in no time while they fix up your vehicle.

As CEO of the popular Vehicle Service Company CarGuard, Trevor Smith knows there are many facets involved in purchasing a vehicle. Unfortunately, many customers can get overwhelmed and say no to things that seem like an add-on.

But Smith wants the people of Texas to know that spending a bit of extra time searching for the best plan, and purchasing it, can reap dividends down the road for you and your new vehicle.

Increases the Vehicles Resale Value

Trevor Smith is always on the lookout for ways to provide his Texas customers with value. That’s why he wants you to know everything a Vehicle Service Contract can do for your vehicle.

Although most people don’t buy their vehicles with resale value in mind, you spent a lot of your hard-earned money on this car, so you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it that you can. Trevor Smith is right on the money, saying that adding a VSC is a great way to save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

Did you know, lots of VSC’s can be transferred along with the car when it’s sold? This can boost the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it again. Without a VSC, the people considering your car may feel like they have little reassurance that the vehicle received quality repairs.

Reduces Repair Costs

CarGuard Trevor Smith knows that spending more money upfront for a Vehicle Service Contract might seem a little odd as a money-saving tactic. Still, VSC’s will absolutely save you a lot of money on your future repair costs, many of which your insurance company will not cover.

Vehicle Service Contracts are an affordable way to cover the cost of unexpected repair bills. Unfortunately, with the average repair bill costing Texans between $500 and $600 according to the AAA, many people have no choice but to incur debt to pay for it.

CarGuard Trevor Smith knows the best way he can help the people of Texas is by offering them the peace of mind that comes with a custom Vehicle Service Contract.

These contracts are so much more than just guarantees that your plan administrator will protect your vehicle from mechanical failure or breakdown. They also protect your wallet and your time, as many contract administrators, like CarGuard Trevor Smith, will go out of their way to ensure you are back in a vehicle in no time.

Saving Money for Texans

Having a Vehicle Service Contract, like those offered by CarGuard Trevor Smith, allows Texans to calculate and budget the actual costs of their car. Unexpected repair bills can be a real hassle and have a huge impact on our finances. Smith wants you to be able to get your repairs without having to worry about breaking the bank.

At the end of the day, we all want our money working for us, and the easiest way to manage our finances is if we know precisely the costs we will incur so we can plan and budget. Vehicle Service Contracts are a great way to do this because you will know exactly what you’ll be paying each and every month.

Manufacturer Warranties Aren’t Forever

CarGuard Trevor Smith knows that even new cars will encounter the occasional issue. Manufacturers’ warranties will cover your vehicle for a time, but a Vehicle Service Contract is there for you when your warranty runs out.

Something will inevitably happen to your car at some point, but it’s not inevitable that you have to foot the bill. Trevor Smith wants to ensure that every Texan knows about the benefits of buying a protection plan to help cover these inevitable costs.

Smith wants you to carefully do your homework when looking for a plan suitable for your vehicle. Many great companies can offer you affordable and essential Vehicle Service Contracts as soon as you purchase your car. CarGuard Administration is one of many, but CEO Trevor Smith ensures that their customizable plans will be the right fit for anyone in Texas looking to save money on their vehicles.