Senegal vehicles

Senegal 2017. Strong economic momentum boost demand for vehicles

Senegal vehicles sector  in 2017 scored the new best ever figure as far as new vehicles sales, with both light and heavy vehicles segment at their best. Albeit losing sales, Toyota confirmed the leadership ahead of Mitsubishi while French makes are growing.

Senegal 2016. New vehicles sales up 5% still marginal for the sector

Senegal vehicle market 2016 had been positive growing 5.5% but not yet taking the pace towards the expected real development, as the import of used vehicles remains the fundamental source for local vehicles parc. Toyota is leader.

Senegal 2015. New vehicles sales not yet on demand

Senegal vehicle market in 2015 was shy increasing just a little and standing far from the 2011 record. Toyota improved sales with market share over 25%, mainly thanks to strong demand on the Land Cruiser.

Senegal 2014. Vehicle market grew 9%. Toyota Hilux the best seller

Senegal vehicle market grew 9% in the 2014. Toyota Hilux the best seller followed by others pick ups such as Mitsubishi L200 and Ford Rangers. Toyota is the market leader with a market relatively low.