Guatemala 2015. Vehicles Industry established again a record

Guatemala Vehicles Industry in 2015 established again a record outpacing the 30.000 units of new cars for the first time ever. Growth is fueled by fast economy and growing population.

Nicaragua 2015. Vehicles market hit new all time record

Nicaragua Vehicles market in 2015 hit new all time record, the fourth in a row. The industry is fueled by fast economic expansion and increased regulation on the import of pre-owned vehicles.

Costa Rica 2015. Auto Industry slammed a new record

Costa Rica Auto Industry slammed a new record in the 2015 fueled by a strong economic environment and limits imposed to the import of used vehicles. Sales improved 20% while Toyota kept dominating the rank.

Martinique 2015. Car sales at lowest in 15 years

Martinique vehicles sector is declining with 2015 at lowest volume out of 15 years. The market is one of the 18 French regions while located in the Caribbean Sea. People use Euro and purchase Renault, Peugeot and Citroen.

Puerto Rico 2015. Sales down for second year in a row.

Puerto Rico Vehicles sales in 2015 fell down for the second year in a row, hit by persistent recession and high unemployment rate. Toyota was market leader followed by Koreans Hyundai and Kia.

Panama 2015. Auto sales at record, again

Panama Vehicles Market in 2015 hit the new all time record albeit shy second half, posting the third record in a row. The leader Toyota has now been approached by two challengers, Hyundai and Kia.

Honduras 2014. Car market joined the World’s top 100 club

Honduras car market in the 2014 was within the World's top 100 with figures rose at 12.600 units after four years of growth. The best seller was Toyota, followed by Nissan and Ford. Best-selling model was the Toyota Hilux.

Jamaica 2014. Light vehicles stable over 5.000

Jamaica Light Vehicle Market reported a shy 2014 with sales fell from the previous year standing an almost low-level. The market is penalized by heavy duties on high power engines. Toyota was market leader with share close to 20 percent.

Costa Rica Vehicle Market

Costa Rica 2014. Vehicle Market rose 4%

In 2014 Costa Rica Vehicle Market rose 4% fueled by positive economic environment and used vehicles import cut. Toyota kept the crown as best-selling brand ahead of Koreans competitors.

Guatemala Car Market

Guatemala 2014. New vehicles market hits the 10th consecutive sales record

In 2014 Guatemala Car Market hit the 10th consecutive record year as the market benefit from a stable steady economic growth. The new vehicle domestic market leader is Toyota.