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Argentina 2022. Fiat Cronos Dominates The Best Selling Cars Ranking Report

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in 2022 dominated by the Fiat Cronos with over 10% of market share, ahead of the booming Peugeot 208 (+62.2%) and the Toyota Hilux.

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia

Argentina 2022. Vehicle Market Closes 6.5% Higher Than The Prior Year

Argentina Auto Sales in 2022 total 392,533, the highest level since 2019 and a 6.5% increase from the prior year. In December the market grew for the 6th month in a row, with 47,628 new registrations (+35.5%).

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Argentina 2021. Best selling cars ranking

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in 2021 reports the Fiat Cronos still on top of the leaderboard, while the Chevrolet Onix plummets at the edge of the leaderboard. The Toyota Corolla performs impressively, rising 16 spots and entering the leaderboard.

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia

Argentina 2021. Leader Toyota Shines In Market Effectively Growing

Argentinian Auto market in 2021 rises by 16.4% with 394,576 sales, reporting a very strong first half and then remained mostly flat in the second half. Toyota reports the best performance this year and reaches the top of the leaderboard.

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Argentina 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in 2020 showed the Toyota Hilux regaining the market crown, 2.5k units ahead of the former leader, the Chevrolet Onix. The star of the year, Volkswagen T-Cross, landed in 10th place.

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Argentina 2020. Volkswagen T-Cross is the star of the Year in a market falling...

Argentinian auto market in 2020 falls by 22.7% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 338.945, while Fiat gains over 3% share and enters the podium.

Argentina Best Selling Cars

Argentina. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in 2019 was led by the Toyota Hilux with a safe gap over all other competitors, closing at a new record share of 5.7%. Behind, the Ford Ka managed to stay ahead of Chevrolet Onix, while the Toyota Etios lost 2 positions.

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Argentina. In 2019 Auto Sales at lowest out of last 15 years

Argentina Auto Sales in 2019 have collapsed, falling below half a million units, the worst performance in the last 15 years. Indeed Total annual sales were 449.477, down 43.1%. The new President, Alberto Fernandez, just elected at the end of October found a country in the edge of the financial disaster.

Argentina Auto Sales

Argentina 2018. Toyota Hilux leads a market down 11.5%

Argentina Auto Sales in 2018 collapsed - down 11.5% - after the great performance registered of previous year. Volkswagen was the market leader, while Toyota managed the first 1-2 ever with the Hilux and the Etios.

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Argentina Best Selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in 2018 ended with the Toyota Hilux gaining the leadership after an harsh battle with the Toyota Etios. Outstanding perfomance was scored by the Volkswagen Polo at 11th position.