Vietnam 2016. New All Time Record. Kia runs for leadership.

Vietnam Auto Market 2016 outpace the milestone of 0.3 million sales while hitting the All Time record, the fourth in a row. Toyota still leader, but Kia is fast growing and reduced the gap by two third.


Vietnam 2022. VinFast Collapses 35.8% In Vehicle Market At New All-Time High

Vietnamese Vehicles Market in 2022 totals 433,970 sales (+23.9%), setting a new all-time high. December falls for the second month in a row, reporting 42,474 new registrations (-21.0%). VinFast Loses 35.8%.

Vietnam 2017. Vehicles sales 12% after years of records

Vietnam Vehicles MarketĀ in 2017 declined 12.6% after a series of 6 all time record in a row, maintaining untouched the high potential. Toyota gained 4% reinforcing the leadership in the marketĀ  ahead of Kia and Ford. Toyota Vios was the best-selling car.

The 2023 Ford Escape

Vietnam 2023. Vehicle Market Down 19.5% After A Great Success In The Previous Year

Vietnamese Vehicles Market crashes heavily. In 2023 total sales reach 698,256 registrations, down 19.5%. Ford up 3 spots into 4th place (+34.4%).

Vietnam Vehicles Market in 2015 hit the new record doubling volumes in only three...

Vietnam Vehicles Market in 2015 hit the new record doubling volumes in only three years. Behind the leadership of Toyota, several brands performed really fast with Mazda better than all others. The top model is Korean.

Vietnam New Vehicle Market

Vietnam 2014. Light vehicles industry hit new all-time record

In 2014 Vietnam New Vehicle Market hit the all-time record with a tremendous improvement from the previous year at 142.352 units, thanks to soaring economy and new vehicles tax reduction.