Vietnam 2017. Vehicles sales 12% after years of records


Vietnam Vehicles Market in 2017 declined 12.6% after a series of 6 all time record in a row, maintaining untouched the high potential. Toyota gained 4% reinforcing the leadership in the market  ahead of Kia and Ford. Toyota Vios was the best-selling car.

Vietnamese economy ended 2017 on a stellar note, growing at the fastest annual pace in more than ten years in Q4. A standout performance in H2 made up for a more subdued pace of expansion in H1, propelling full-year 2017 GDP growth above the government’s 6.7% target, and making it one of the top performers worldwide. Among the key drivers of this noteworthy turnaround were a double-digit rise in exports, aided by a depreciation in the dong against the dollar, and a massive surge in foreign direct investment (FDI), which reached a record high in the year, according to Vietnam’s Statistical Institute.

Vietnamese vehicles market have scored an impressive series of all time record ending the 2016 at 286.845 (including HCVs) units more than the double compared with the 2012. According to data released by VAMA, the local Association of Car Manufacturers, in the 2017 the market scored the first break after year with total vehicles sales at 250.615 units, down 12.6% from the previous year.

Sales 2012Sales 2013Sales 2014Sales 2015Sales 2016Sales 2017Sales 2018 e
2012 Var2013 Var2014 Var2015 Var2016 Var2017 Var2018 var e

At brand-wise (all vehicles including HCVs), the market leader Toyota further reinforced the dominion on the market, gaining 4.3% with 59.355 sales and 23.7% of share.

The second, Kia, with 40.497 sales has lost 23.4% while keeping a safe gap over the followers. Indeed, the third, Ford, sold 28.588 vehicles (+0.0%) and was followed by Mazda with 26.009 (-18.1%), Thaco (the local specialist of trucks and bus) with 22.112 (-22.5%), Honda 12.134 (+5.5%) and Chevrolet with 10.756 (+10.9%).

At model wise, the best-selling car was the Toyota Vios with 22.260 sales (+27.2%) followed by the Ford Ranger with 14.926 (+7.7%) and the Kia K3000 with 13.710 (-9.1%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016BrandSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017Share 2017Share 2016

Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Toyota Vios22.26017.50027,2%
24Ford Ranger14.92613.8597,7%
32Kia K300013.71015.082-9,1%
46Toyota Fortuner13.02311.58312,4%
57Toyota Innova12.00111.2546,6%
65MAZDA3 Sedan10.63912.054-11,7%
73Kia Morning10.28514.874-30,9%
88Mazda CX-58.9998.7782,5%
910Honda City6.9145.77819,7%
109Ford Transit Minibus5.7296.750-15,1%
1119Kia Cerato5.6513.90044,9%
1212Hyundai Mighty5.3535.357-0,1%
1315Kia K27004.6274.770-3,0%
1413Toyota Corolla4.3585.217-16,5%
1511Ford Ecosport3.9775.415-26,6%
1614Honda CR-V3.5225.101-31,0%
1716Toyota Camry3.3414.674-28,5%
1844Chevrolet Colorado3.082945226,1%
1923Chevrolet Cruze Sedan2.6493.111-14,9%
2021Mazda BT-502.3493.411-31,1%