Luxembourg auto sales

Luxembourg. In 2019 auto sales grew 4.2%

Luxembourg Car Market further improved in 2019, signing the fourth annual gain in a row. Indeed, registrations improved by 4.2% with 54.922 units sold. Volkswagen was still the leader, while Mercedes gained the 2nd place, overtaking BMW.

luxembourg car market

Luxembourg 2018. Volkswagen on top, while Mercedes impressed (+11.9%)

Luxembourg Car Market in the 2018 was flat, ending with 52.667 registrations. Volkswagen kept the lead, up 3%, ahead of BMW. Mercedes gained the market podium, improving in double-digits, while disappointing performances were registered by Renault and Audi.

Luxembourg vehicle Market

Luxembourg 2017. Volkswagen shines in a moderately positive market

Luxembourg vehicles Market in the 2017 was almost positive fueled by still solid GDP growth, record high consumer confidence and five-year low unemployment. Volkswagen further gained market share while Audi outpaced Mercedes.

Luxembourg 2016. Hyundai shining in the German feud.

Luxembourg Auto Market 2016 reported a moderate increase, keeping the stable path around the 50.000 annual units. Dominated by German brand, the competitive arena see Hyundai on stage.

Luxembourg Auto Market in 2015 was the worse within the European Community.

Luxembourg Auto Market in 2015 was the worse within the European Community one of the only two markets down having lost 6% from the previous year. Volkswagen Golf was again the best-selling model.

Luxembourg Vehicle Market

Luxembourg Vehicle Market up 6% in 2014 .

Luxembourg Vehicle Market up 6% in 2014 keeping a stable trend. The market is dominated by German Brands with Volkswagen and Audi on top o the list and Renault immediately behind.

Luxembourg Car Market fell down in 2013. See All-Brands ranking.

In 2013 the Luxembourg car market fell over 7% from the previous year, hit by a flat economy. The market is mature and no further growth is expected. Volkswagen was market leader ahead of others Germans.