Romania Vehicles Sales

Romania 2017. Suzuki the fastest in a market up in double-digit

Romania Vehicles Sales kept momentum in the 2017 posting the fourth increase in a row, up in double-digit from the previous year. With 28.5% of market share Dacia dominates its domestic market, while the fastest growing brand was Suzuki, up 46%.

Romania Car Passengers

Romania 2016.

Romanian Vehicles Sales 2016 growing for the third consecutive year, back over the 0.1 million units while down over one third from the 2007 record. Jaguar and Lexus shine.

Romania Car Passengers

Romania 2015. Market up 15% fueled by buoyant private demand

Romania Car Passengers 2015 sales reported up 15% fueled by buoyant private demand. The market finally recovered the 2011 level while the recently announced expansionary 2016 Budget would support a 2016 boom.

Romanian Automotive Industry

Romanian 2014. Brand & Model statistics for the entire year

Romanian Automotive Industry recovers in the 2014 posting a +21.6% from the previous year albeit still very far from the pre-crisis level. Behind the domestic player Dacia, Skoda is fast growing.