Choosing the Right Motorcycle: A Guide for Beginners


With so many options in the world of motorcycles, choosing the right bike as a beginner can present an exciting challenge. Rising to the occasion is a matter of getting the right information,  having access to community resources, and selecting the motorcycle that fits your personality and lifestyle. As with all things, the first step is safety.

Proper support for a beginning motorcycle search means starting with proper resources. That’s where motorcycle accident attorneys come into the picture. After years of serving motorcyclists, their support extends beyond giving excellent legal guidance. A free consultation could connect beginning riders to resources to make their first purchase easier.

Here are a series of considerations every first rider can review: 

What’s Your Purpose for Riding?

Before you can find the perfect starter bike, you must first pinpoint what experience you’re looking to have. With the many styles and designs of motorcycles, beginners run the risk of ending up with a bike that isn’t right for them. So to get it right the first time, beginners must consider how different bikes serve different experiences. Let’s examine some options:

  • Cruisers: Known as a relaxed, laid-back craft. They pair well with leisurely riders who prioritize comfort.
  • Sport Bikes: These motorcycles emphasize speed and agility. Quick acceleration and nimble handling make them perfect for those who crave speed and responsiveness.
  • Touring Bikes: These are for long-distance riders. They feature comfort, storage, and stability for extended rides.
  • Dual-Sport/Adventure Bikes: Versatility is the operative work here. Dual-sport or adventure bikes are made for on-road and off-road adventures.
  • Standard or Naked Bikes: These motorcycles are known for their simplicity. They pair well with beginners for this reason.
  • Chopper: Uses modified steering angles and lengthened forks. It can be built from an original with add-ons and modifications, or built from scratch.

Physical Factors

The size of the bike and the rider’s body will play a major role in the bike a beginner should purchase. People and motorcycles have a lot in common in that they come in all shapes and sizes. In general, the larger and stronger someone is the higher capacity that they have to command a larger bike. The inverse is true for smaller lighter bodies. 

It’s important to note that it’s generally inadvisable for beginners to start their motorcycle riding journey on a bike with the largest and strongest engine. Beginning with a bike with 700cc or less is the way to go.

Budget and New vs Used

The price range for new and used motorcycles mirrors the variety of makes and models. Beginners will want to shop within their means while remembering that this is only a starter bike. Again, the personality of the rider comes into play. The DIY beginner can shop for used bikes anywhere. The bare-bones beginner may want to buy from an authorized dealer. 

Taking into account budget and personal preference is the key to the first purchase. New motorcycles often come with warranties and dealer support, but they tend to be more expensive. Used motorcycles can provide cost savings but may require more maintenance and are inadvisable first purchases unless first inspected by a qualified mechanic.