France best selling cars 2016. The top 100

France best selling car

France best selling cars 2016 dominated by local made models. The leader was again the Renault Clio while Peugeot was able to keep the others two steps of the podium with 208 and 308.

The 2016 was again a positive year for the domestic car passenger’s sector in France, despite the market increase was due to business sales and not on private consumer’s demand.

As far as the best selling cars, the entire top 100 was held by French models.

On top of the list, as usual, the Renault Clio with 112.152 sales (+3.5%), followed by the Peugeot 208 with 97.830 (+8.3%) and the Peugeot 308 with 75.509 (+0.0%).

In fourth place  the Renault Captur with 70.769 units (-2.0%) followed by the Peugeot 2008 with 65.986 (+4.4%) and the Dacia Sandero, up 3 spots, with 56.199 (+24.2%).

In seventh place the Renault Mégane with 52.994 (+35.1%) followed by the Citroen C3, down 2 spots with 52.060 (-7.7%), the Citroen C4 Picasso, up one spot, with 40.880 (-8.4%) and in 10th place the Renault Twingo down 2 spots with 40.793 (-10.0%).

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
11Renault Clio112.152108.4083,5%
22Peugeot 20897.83090.3678,3%
33Peugeot 30875.50975.4740,0%
44Renault Captur70.76972.191-2,0%
55Peugeot 200865.98663.2044,4%
69Dacia Sandero56.19945.26424,2%
712Renault Mégane52.99439.23535,1%
86Citroen C352.06056.382-7,7%
910Citroen C4 Picasso40.88044.608-8,4%
108Renault Twingo40.79345.328-10,0%
1111Volkswagen Polo40.15542.995-6,6%
1222Renault Kadjar38.14521.06981,0%
137Renault Scénic37.37946.662-19,9%
1414Dacia Duster36.42834.5015,6%
1513Volkswagen Golf35.04134.8570,5%
1615Peugeot 300832.67633.648-2,9%
1716Toyota Yaris30.96729.2665,8%
1817Nissan Qashqai24.52427.822-11,9%
1919Ford Fiesta24.43424.838-1,6%
2018Citroen C423.59925.189-6,3%
2120Fiat 50023.55022.9082,8%
2223Opel Corsa20.37720.830-2,2%
2324Citroen C4 Cactus20.37220.567-0,9%
2432Volkswagen Tiguan19.44615.49025,5%
2521Peugeot 50817.91921.732-17,5%
2625Opel Mokka17.47918.270-4,3%
2739Fiat 500x15.68311.64434,7%
2826DS 315.63916.827-7,1%
2929Citroen C3 Picasso15.56616.094-3,3%
3031Audi A315.51715.727-1,3%
3145Volkswagen Touran15.24810.14450,3%
32144Renault Talisman15.2341.580864,2%
3330Peugeot 10815.17416.042-5,4%
3433Mini Hatch14.70415.154-3,0%
3527Nissan Juke13.91416.278-14,5%
3634Toyota Auris13.66914.460-5,5%
3735Citroen C113.05613.915-6,2%
3838Mercedes A Class13.05212.4135,1%
39107Hyundai Tucson13.0063.647256,6%
4040Renault Espace12.44911.02512,9%
4136Peugeot 500811.64313.698-15,0%
4241Audi A111.61910.9855,8%
4344Renault Zoe11.40410.4079,6%
4474Audi A411.2196.32877,3%
4537Volkswagen Passat10.70013.273-19,4%
4657Nissan X-Trail10.6388.17130,2%
4748Seat Ibiza10.2739.6736,2%
4850Mercedes C Class10.1819.3059,4%
4949Toyota Aygo10.1479.6235,4%
5084Opel Astra10.1415.34689,7%
5146BMW 1 Series10.1049.9661,4%
5261Kia Sportage9.9517.89126,1%
53105BMW X19.8933.954150,2%
5451Ford Kuga9.6209.0696,1%
5558Skoda Fabia9.5948.03419,4%
5652Audi Q39.3468.8935,1%
5772Toyota RAV48.7396.65231,4%
5843Ford C-max8.73610.487-16,7%
5954Ford Focus8.5048.702-2,3%
6065Jeep Renegade8.4667.17817,9%
6156Nissan Micra8.3448.459-1,4%
6260DS 48.1137.9422,2%
6367Hyundai i207.7906.84313,8%
6453Mercedes B Class7.7008.868-13,2%
6547volkswagen Golf Sportsvan7.6199.679-21,3%
6670Dacia Lodgy7.5576.71812,5%
6763Suzuki Swift7.4537.739-3,7%
6878Fiat Panda7.4495.99424,3%
6964Mercedes GLA7.3307.348-0,2%
7055Seat Leon7.2448.481-14,6%
71134Mercedes GLC7.0591.987255,3%
7266Skoda Octavia6.9436.8800,9%
7362BMW 3 Series6.9247.763-10,8%
7477Kia Rio6.4696.0207,5%
75104Suzuki Vitara6.3503.98159,5%
7687Smart Fortwo6.1825.16019,8%
7771BMW 2 Series Active Tourer6.1156.684-8,5%
7891Ford Ecosport5.9774.80824,3%
79Fiat Tipo5.820
8059Fiat 500L5.7908.010-27,7%
8179Audi Q55.6395.836-3,4%
8291Land Rover Range Rover Evoque5.6024.80816,5%
8397Dacia Dokker5.5874.16734,1%
8476Toyota Verso5.5336.128-9,7%
8588Volvo XC605.3635.0576,1%
8680Mercedes CLA5.2125.714-8,8%
8769Ford B-Max5.1736.787-23,8%
8882Volkswagen Up!4.9885.580-10,6%
8993Kia Picanto4.8164.6004,7%
90141Opel Karl4.8151.763173,1%
9168Dacia Logan4.7586.791-29,9%
92BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer4.739
9385Citroen C4 Aircross4.7045.301-11,3%
9489BMW 4 Series4.6805.023-6,8%
9594Volvo V404.6054.5251,8%
9683DS 54.3295.488-21,1%
97113Toyota Prius4.2453.06638,5%
98173Mini Clubman4.237888377,1%
99109Kia Cee’d4.1933.54718,2%
10099Alfa Romeo Giulietta4.1654.1161,2%