Gabon 2016. Sales at lowest since 2004. Toyota is the king.


Gabon vehicles market still dominated by used vehicles import. The registrations of new vehicles is declining sharply after hitting the record in the 2013. The 2016 data was the lowest since the 2004. Toyota is leader.

Despite the impact of the fall in hydrocarbon prices, growth remained relatively strong in 2014 at 4.4% and has been estimated at 4.2% in 2015 and projected at 4.5% in 2016. It is projected to continue at a rate higher than 5% until 2020.

The Gabon economy remains dominated by hydrocarbon production, though manganese production and wood processing still play a major part in it. Gabon needs to diversify its economy, and recent outlooks and projections show non-oil activities on a stronger growth path than hydrocarbons thanks to public policy devised in this direction. Tax revenue fell sharply in 2015 as a result of declining oil prices and a slight drop in oil production

The economic situation has pushed the authorities to accelerate ongoing reform programmes, in particular those intended to streamline performance-related bonuses paid to civil servants, with a view to having greater control over the wage bill and to improve public services

The automotive industry is actually missing all calls to the growth and is still dominated by import of used vehicles, usually in near scrap level conditions.  Despite the presence of over twenty official distributors, new vehicles sales are low and declining.

The record level, achieved in the 2013, with 5.772 new vehicles sold, is now really far, following three years of decline, with 2016 sales fallen down at only 2.604 units, the lowest level since 2004.

Toyota dominates with a market share at 44% with no any other brand over 10%. In the 2016, second was Mitsubishi and third Nissan.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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