Ireland Best Selling Cars 2016. The top 100

Ireland Best Selling Cars

Ireland Best Selling Cars 2016 with a new leader, first time made by a Korean, thanks to the outstanding success of the Hyundai Tucson, landed ahead of the former leader, the Volkswagen Golf.

The new car passenger’s market in the 2016 kept the fast recovery thanks to renovated economic push and growing private demand. Therefore, not a secondary factor was the arrival on new models, almost succesful.

Indeed, looking at the best-selling models ranking, we found a new leader, different from the usual Ford (Fiesta or Focus) or Volkswagen (Golf). It is the Hyundai Tucson, sold in 7.425 units, launched in December 2015.

In second place the former leader, the Volkswagen Golf  with 5.143 units (-6.9%) while the Ford Focus was third with 4.835 sales (+13.8%).

In fourth place the Skoda Octavia with 4.660 units (+19.9%) ahead of the Nissan Qashqai  with 4.591 sales (+10.3%), the Ford Fiesta, with 3.827 (+7.0%) and the Toyota Corolla with 3.751 units (+8.0%).

Eight was the Toyota Yaris with 3.727 (+31.2%) followed by theVolkswagen Passat and in 10th place the Kia Sportage with 2.871 units (+10.9%).

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
1144Hyundai Tucson7.4256511323,1%
21Volkswagen Golf5.1435.525-6,9%
32Ford Focus4.8354.24813,8%
44Skoda Octavia4.6603.88719,9%
53Nissan Qashqai4.5914.16310,3%
67Ford Fiesta3.8273.5757,0%
78Toyota Corolla3.7513.4748,0%
89Toyota Yaris3.7272.84031,2%
96Volkswagen Passat3.5713.578-0,2%
1010Kia Sportage2.8712.58910,9%
1112Toyota Auris2.8542.48215,0%
1214Opel Astra2.5372.09920,9%
13127Renault Kadjar2.5281082240,7%
1423Toyota RAV42.3521.71936,8%
1513Volkswagen Polo2.2942.1447,0%
1665Ford Kuga2.206524321,0%
1721Dacia Duster2.0901.79516,4%
1816Hyundai i302.0791.87311,0%
1927Renault Captur1.9621.56425,4%
2022Dacia Sandero1.9491.72912,7%
2117Renault Clio1.9041.8572,5%
2215Opel Corsa1.8951.928-1,7%
2311Ford Mondeo1.8732.497-25,0%
2437Skoda Superb1.8501.10567,4%
2529Hyundai i201.7871.49419,6%
2618Nissan Pulsar1.6761.821-8,0%
2719Toyota Avensis1.6631.819-8,6%
2832Volkswagen Tiguan1.6321.31224,4%
2926BMW 5 Series1.5831.598-0,9%
3030Skoda Fabia1.5511.34815,1%
3140Audi A41.53199553,9%
3220Opel Insignia1.4951.807-17,3%
3328Hyundai i101.4581.500-2,8%
3458Nissan X-Trail1.416608132,9%
3531Audi A31.4021.3295,5%
3624Hyundai i401.4011.691-17,1%
3735Nissan Micra1.2931.2682,0%
3825Nissan Note1.2911.637-21,1%
3933Nissan Juke1.2671.295-2,2%
4038Volkswagen Jetta1.2641.08716,3%
4136Audi A61.2221.1942,3%
4239Opel Mokka1.1901.05812,5%
4344Seat Ibiza1.13287329,7%
4445BMW 3 Series1.09587025,9%
4542Peugeot 20081.09188623,1%
4647Kia Cee’d1.08674446,0%
4734Renault Fluence1.0261.288-20,3%
4854Mercedes E Class97867844,2%
5041Seat Leon9099060,3%
5156Mercedes C Class81766522,9%
5376Suzuki Grand Vitara79940796,3%
5452Peugeot 20879268016,5%
5559Mercedes CLA77858632,8%
5643Renault Mégane673883-23,8%
5794Kia Sorento672270148,9%
5850Skoda Rapid661718-7,9%
5960Hyundai ix206275729,6%
6048Citroen C4 Picasso624733-14,9%
6162Mazda CX-562154613,7%
6257Peugeot 308619641-3,4%
6363Volvo V4060053113,0%
6446Hyundai Santa fe558838-33,4%
6549Ford C-max539720-25,1%
6668Kia Rio5344928,5%
6869BMW 2 Series5124787,1%
6986Land Rover Discovery Sport49533249,1%
7075Volvo XC6049441718,5%
7161Honda CR-V493566-12,9%
7266Peugeot 508492509-3,3%
7388Peugeot 500848431056,1%
7478Skoda Yeti47539619,9%
7570BMW 4 Series4684435,6%
7673BMW X54674289,1%
7751Honda Civic454709-36,0%
78150Ford Galaxy44252750,0%
7987Mitsubishi Outlander42932631,6%
80103Kia Optima427200113,5%
81102Land Rover Range Rover Evoque422207103,9%
82124BMW X1411112267,0%
8379Peugeot 30084103837,0%
8472Toyota Aygo408429-4,9%
8567Kia Venga407507-19,7%
8585Audi Q540733421,9%
86125Volvo XC90402110265,5%
8780Audi Q339535810,3%
8874BMW 1 Series377422-10,7%
8977Nissan Leaf351405-13,3%
9092Fiat 50034628322,3%
9082Audi A1346348-0,6%
91112Honda Jazz342161112,4%
9293Kia Picanto34028220,6%
93120Ford S-max333122173,0%
9491Volkswagen Touran33128914,5%
9597Opel Zafira32924932,1%
9683Volvo S60327342-4,4%
9791Mitsubishi ASX32228911,4%
9871volkswagen Golf Sportsvan321438-26,7%
9995BMW X331826121,8%
10090Kia Carens3172957,5%

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 100 Models.

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