Ireland 2020. Tesla boomed in May while the market collapsed 72.4%

Irish cars market

Irish cars market reported another sharp drop in May 2020, as anti-Covid19 restrictions measures were only partially eased much later than other European countries. Indeed, 1.736 units were sold in May (-72.4%), leading Year to Date sales to 52.926 (-32.9%). Land Rover, Mini, Volvo and Fiat contained the losses. 

Irish Cars Market in May

After a complete freeze in April, the Irish car market reported another sharp drop in May. Indeed, anti-Covid19 restriction measures were only partially eased from May 18, much later than other European countries, pulling car registrations at a low level.

Indeed, in May just 1.736 units – down 72.4% – were registered in the Country, leading Year to Date sales to 52.926 (-32.9%).

Brand-wise, Land Rover (-27.1%) – currently taking the 16th position – scored the best performance within the Top 20 while also Mini, Volvo and Fiat outpaced the market trend. However, the star of the year was Tesla, pushed by the Tesla Model 3.

Post Covid19 Market Trend

As most European countries have imposed lockdowns to various degrees in order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, also in Ireland non-essential business have closed since March 13. Indeed, for now, companies have suspended and paused production as they take stock.

The Irish auto market was hit by a tremendous 63% drop in March with 6.173 units sold, leading the Q1 sales at 51.242 (-20%).

In April the market froze at 344 units (-96.1%), as lockdown measure were held through the month.

Medium Terms Market Trend

Irish Automotive industry scored a strong recovery since 2014, both in the car and light commercial segments, reaching in 2016 a peak of 146.602 registrations, which has become the highest level of the entire decade. Indeed, in the following years, the market embarked on a negative pathway, losing 10.4% 2017 with 131.336 car sold and moderately declining (-4.2%) in 2018.

The reason of this negative trend can be found looking at the UK environment, where a drop in demand in an uncertain Brexit context has made Ireland full of zero-km sales, while blocking the local new car market.

In 2019 the market was even worse than the previous year, signing the third consecutive year of decline, ending with 117.100 units (-6.7%).

In 2020, auto sales started on the recent years’ negative tone, with Year to Date February sales at 45.069, down 4.9%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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