Ireland 2018. Hyundai Tucson is the last minute winner

Irish cars market

Irish cars market in 2018 fell down again 4.2% confirming the recent years negative trend. Volkswagen is still on the top of the ranking. The Hyundai Tucson takes the lead with a spectacular year-end, beating the Nissan Qashqai by peanuts.

Economic Environment

Irish economy weakened significantly in the third quarter as exports decelerated markedly amid lackluster growth across the Eurozone. This contrasts the second quarter’s relatively upbeat performance, with the economy oscillating between periods of weak and sturdy growth, underscoring the significant presence of multinationals in the country that causes a marked degree of volatility in GDP readings. Available indicators point to a solid performance at the outset of the fourth quarter.

The economy will likely lose pace in 2019, as export growth weakens amid a broad-based slowdown in the Eurozone. Furthermore, while a rebound in fixed investment is expected, private consumption growth will likely moderate as higher inflationary pressures eat into purchasing power and, in turn, private spending. Meanwhile, government spending is set to tighten as fiscal consolidation efforts are ramped up.

Market Trend

Irish Automotive industry has scored a strong recovery since the 2014, both in the car and light commercial segments, ending the 2016 at best level out of the last 8 years. However, in the 2017 the market fell down again losing 10.4% with 131.336 car sold.

In the 2018  the car passenger’s market lost moderately – down 4.2% – confirming the decline started in recent years and closing with 125.784 sales. The Q2 was the only quarter closing positively, up 125%. The reason of this negative trend can be found looking at the UK environment, where a drop in demand in an uncertain Brexit context has made Ireland full of zero-km sales, while blocking the local new car market.

Competitive Arena

At brand-wise, the 2018 market leader is again Volkswagen with 13.775 sales (-0.4%), keeping the 11% of market share.

The second place is still taken by Toyota with 12.037 sales (-5.1%) followed by Hyundai with 11.633 (-2.5%).

In fourth place Ford with 11.288 (-7.8%) followed by Nissan with 9.701 (-6.3%), Skoda with 9.116 (+1%), Kia with 7.326 (+2.7%) and Renault with 7.176 (-13.8%).

At model-wise, Hyundai Tucson is again at the top of the ranking with 4.026 sales (-18%), overtaking at the very-last minute the Nissan Qashqai that closed the 2018 with 4.004 sales (-4.6%) .

At third place, the Volkswagen Golf with 3.966 sales (-8.2%), losing one spot from last year.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Models.

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