Jordan 2023. MG Jumps In Third Place While Auto Market Was Shy (+2.2%)

The 2023 MG 5 EV
The 2023 MG 5 EV

Jordanian Auto Market in 2023 slightly increased. Total sales were 34,995 are up 2.2% from the previous year. MG rises 10 spots jumping in third place behind Toyota and Kia.

Market Trend and Outlook

The Jordanian Vehicle Market in 2023 closes with a total of 34,995 sales, up 2.2%. December falls for the third month this year, with mere 2,255 new sales, down by a drastic 31.5%.

Looking at cumulative data in 2023 brand-wise, the leader Toyota sold 14,338 vehicles (+5.3%) with a share at 41.0%.

In second place ranks Kia sold 6,420 (+26.1%) followed by MG -up 10 spots- in 3rd with 4,006 sales.

Hyundai fell 1 spot into 4th with 2,358  sales (-30.1%) followed by Nissan -up 1 spot- at 1,092 (-25.2%), Chevrolet -up 4 spots- at 712 (+38.3%), Mercedes at 696 (-49.1%), Isuzu at 660 (-24.7%), Mitsubishi -down 5 spots- at 624 (-67.4%) and in 10th place BMW -down 5 spots- at 582 (-60.9%).

Looking at specific models the Toyota Land Cruiser P/U is still the best seller growing 8.8% in year-on-year sales, followed by the Toyota Hilux down 15.5%.

Medium-Term Market Trend

The Automotive industry in Jordan grew up the first years of this century peaking in the 2014, when the all time record was achieved with 69.583 sales.

In the following years the progressively declined hitting a lower peak in the 2020, the year of the virus, with only 30.529 vehicles sold, less than the half of the record.

In 2021 the market was still shy and the recovery limited at 1.3% while in 2022 it boomed 26.7% to 36,901 total sales, the highest level in the last 5 years.

Next years perspectives are uncertain with economic outlook not positive and Levant area involved in international crisis with unpredictable effects.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 10 Brands and top 10 Models.

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