Malawi Vehicles Sales in 2015 rose 5%.


Malawi Vehicles Sales in 2015 rose 5%. The market is still one of the smallest world-wide. It is dominated by pick ups and Toyota is leader handling over the half of total market.

Economic Outlook

The spatial dimensions of poverty and development in Malawi are manifested in regional and rural-urban variations in the incidence of poverty, access to services, pattern of resource endowment and economic opportunities. While the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II (MGDS II) makes no explicit reference to spatial planning, it seeks to redistribute wealth to all citizens by using rural growth centres to serve as socio-economic hubs, thereby reducing rural-urban migration.

Growth in 2015 is projected to slow to 5.5% following the late arrival of rains and the severe floods experienced in January 2015, which damaged crops and infrastructure. Growth momentum is expected to resume in 2016, with projected growth of 5.7%, assuming improved investor confidence, favorable weather conditions, higher agricultural exports, lower inflation and moderate interest rates.

Market Outlook

According to data released by the Association of Car Importers, in the 2015 total vehicles sold in Malawi had been 1.663, up 4.8%.

The market is dominated by pick-ups and SUV, mainly made in Japan. Toyota was the market leader selling 862 vehicles or 51.8% of total market. The second player was Ford, thanks to the pick up Ranger, with 227 sales  while the third was Nissan, with 166 units.

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Rank 2015Rank 2014Brand201520142015 VarShare 2015

Rank 2015Rank 2014ModelSales 2015Sales 2014Var 2015Share 2015Share 2014
11Toyota Hilux322328-1,8%19,4%20,7%
22Ford Ranger201247-18,6%12,1%15,6%
34Toyota Land Cruiser17312044,2%10,4%7,6%
45Nissan Hardbody1278451,2%7,6%5,3%
53Toyota Corolla109149-26,8%6,6%9,4%
66Toyota Prado695721,1%4,1%3,6%
77Toyota FJ Cruiser49490,0%2,9%3,1%
88Kia Rio46460,0%2,8%2,9%
912Toyota Hiace402560,0%2,4%1,6%
109Isuzu Trucks38380,0%2,3%2,4%