Mexico. Best selling cars ranking in the 2020

Mexico best selling cars

Mexico best-selling cars ranking in 2020 reported the Nissan Versa again on top, maintaining the leadership growing by an impressive 12.1%. The Chevrolet Beat outpasses the rival Aveo while the Nissan Sentra is the worst performer in the Top 10, declining 26.0%.

Despite the disappointing performance of the previous year, Nissan still owned the Mexican best-selling, with the Nissan Versa. Moreover, the Japanese-based brand is also holding other 4 models in the Top 10 ranking.

Indeed, the Nissan Versa easily holds onto the top spot with 7.6% of share, selling almost 16.000 units.

The Chevrolet Aveo declines in third position with 5.5%, leaving the second place to the former leader Chevrolet Beat with 5.7%.

In fourth place the Nissan NP300 with 4.4% overtakes the Nissan March with 3.5%, following by the Volkswagen Vento (3.1%) and the Kia Rio (2.8%) with a stable ranking.

In eight position, the Volkswagen Jetta gains one place with 2.3%, increasing shyly 3.6%, ahead of the Nissan Sentra with 1.8% of share, which continues to fall in double-digit.

Behind, the Honda CR-V replaces the Mazda3 in tenth position, holding 1.7% and declining 2.4%.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Nissan Versa1597612,1%8.04212,8%
23Chevrolet Beat120746,6%5.64411,6%
32Chevrolet Aveo11562-2,4%6.42929,7%
45Nissan NP3009181-1,2%4.434-7,4%
54Nissan March7328-24,9%4.181-11,2%
66Volkswagen Vento6579-9,2%2.973-11,9%
77Kia Rio59252,9%2.9052,0%
89Volkswagen Jetta49033,6%2.250-0,8%
98Nissan Sentra3882-26,0%1.938-17,7%
1011Honda CR-V3632-2,4%1.537-21,7%
1217Kia Forte31619,6%1.6808,5%
1333Hyundai Grand i10291169,8%1.48872,6%
1419Honda HR-V2755-0,9%1.210-14,6%
15223Kia Seltos2748866
1612Nissan Kicks2739-13,8%1.534-8,0%
1716Toyota RAV42575-11,5%1.346-6,3%
1846Ram 1500-3500238981,1%1.60675,3%
1918Ford Figo2170-23,6%1.038-24,3%
2020Volkswagen Tiguan2156-12,3%1.091-6,4%
2129Seat Ibiza21485,1%963-1,0%
2223Chevrolet Trax2048-8,1%842-20,7%
23223Chevrolet Onix19931.552
2413Toyota Hilux1929-39,1%871-41,2%
25223Mazda CX-301870856
26223Volkswagen Virtus1852861
2730Volkswagen Polo1842-3,6%740-27,6%
2825Nissan X-Trail1819-14,6%971-5,4%
2949Nissan Urvan180255,2%92466,2%
3041Hyundai Creta180126,6%86522,3%
3040Toyota Prius180124,9%8425,9%
3114Toyota Yaris1795-40,1%941-29,4%
3223Ford F-Series1745-21,7%863-21,9%
3377Toyota Corolla1743235,8%780267,9%
3432Suzuki Swift1684-5,8%891-1,4%
3527Honda City1668-18,8%717-23,5%
3624Dodge Attitude1598-25,8%7825,4%
3736Volkswagen Saveiro15774,6%8118,4%
38223Renault Kwid1571764
3942Toyota Avanza14623,7%7508,2%
4028Mazda CX-51448-29,2%773-18,1%
4132Hyundai Accent1439-19,5%630-30,6%
4226Honda Civic1357-34,4%664-17,6%
4345Ram 7001326-2,4%69917,3%
4443Chevrolet Spark1323-5,7%584-22,5%
4521Volkswagen Gol1313-45,3%873-26,6%
4631Kia Soul1309-28,9%670-27,0%
4722Chevrolet Cavalier1243-48,0%537-46,4%
4939Mazda CX-31234-14,5%75018,1%
5037Renault Oroch1211-18,7%570-16,7%