Papua New Guinea 2018. Market down four year in a row while Toyota fell in double-digits

Papua New Guinea vehicles

Papua New Guinea vehicles market in the 2018 signed the fourth consecutive decline, with 2.426 sales (-15.4%). Toyota has declined in double-digit (-15.4%), but keeping near 50% of share and a safe gap over Isuzu and Nissan.

Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. A country of immense cultural and biological diversity, it’s known for its beaches and coral reefs. Inland are active volcanoes, granite Mt. Wilhelm, dense rainforest and hiking routes like the Kokoda Trail. There are also traditional tribal villages, many with their own languages. It is a Constitutional Monarchy since the independence from Australia (1975) as Commonwealth member.

Papua New Guinea vehicles market ranks over the World’s 100 position in the 2018. In recent years the highest volume of sales was reached in the 2014 with 8.341 units, before to decline for four years in a row, leading sales at 4.868 (-12.6%).

With near 50% of market share, Toyota is still the market leader. In the 2018, sales have been 2.426 – down 15.4% – but keeping a safe gap over the followers, Isuzu and Nissan.