Poland Best Selling Cars 2016. Skoda Octavia on top

Poland Best Selling Cars

Poland Best Selling Cars 2016 mirror the momentum of this market with all top models performing up. However just one model was new within the top 10 and the list was again led by the Skoda Octavia and Fabia.

In the last three years the Polish new car passenger’s market has reported the impressive series of all time record and the outlook for next short-term is again almost positive.

The ranking of top models is a clear mirror of this performance with all main cars reporting strong increase in the 2016 compared with the previous year.

However, the ranking is almost stable with just one new entrance in the top 10, with the Dacia Duster.

On top of the list there was the Skoda Octavia with 16.967 sales (+19.5%) followed by the Skoda Fabia with 15.483 units (+25.0%) and the Opel Astra at 14.819 (+39.3%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Golf with 12.606 sales (+8.4%) ahead of the Toyota Yaris with 11.418 (+14.3%), the Toyota Auris with 10.422 sales (+7.3%) and the Ford Focus with 9.820 units (+6.9%).

In eight place the Volkswagen Passat with 8.840 units (+12.1%) followed by the Skoda Rapid with 8.799 (-2.2%) and in 10th place the Dacia Duster with 8.326 (+31.8%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for 100 models.

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