Poland. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Poland Cars market

Poland Best Selling Car ranking in 2019 registered three models contending for the market crown. However, the Skoda Octavia managed to hold the 1st position with 4.1% of share, ahead of the Toyota Corolla and the Skoda Fabia.

In Poland, the battle for the lead has been harsh in 2019, as three models were fighting within less than 2.000 units. However, the Skoda Octavia – which has lost 1.4 points of share during the last decade – kept the market throne in 2019, holding 4.1% of share.

In second position we find the fast-growing Toyota Corolla, growing from a mere 0.5% of share in 2010 to 3.9%, ahead of the Skoda Fabia, holding 3.8%.

Impressive performances scored also by the Dacia Duster – up 5 spots – which gained 1.6 points of share from 2010 and the Volkswagen Tiguan, entering into the Top 10.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 50 models.

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