Russia best selling cars. The top 100 in 2018

Russian Autos Market

Russia best selling car ranking in the 2018 changed with the Lada Vesta – up 40.2% – taking the throne, ahead of the Lada Granta and, the 2017 leader, the Kia Rio. The Skoda Rapid joined the Top10.

In the 2018 the Russian light vehicles market has fastly recovered. The year started in a great way, up 21.8% in the first quarter, managing to keep a high speed for the rest of the year. Indeed, registrations closed at 1.799.118 improving in double-digit – up 12.7% – for the second consecutive time. Moreover, this is the largest annual score since 2014.

As far as the ranking of best selling cars in 2018, the list starts with a new leader, the Lada Vesta, which reported 108.364 sales (+40.2%).

In second place the Lada Granta with 106.325 units (+13.5%) ahead of the Kia Rio with 100.148 (+3.6%).

Behind we found the Hyundai Creta, with 67.588 units (+22.2%) ahead of the Hyundai Solaris with 65.581 (-4.4%), the Volkswagen Polo with 59.450 sales (+22.3%) and the Lada Largus with 44.072 (+31.2%).

In eight place  the Renault Duster with 41.409 (-5.5%) followed by the Skoda Rapid with 35.089 (+19.2%) and in 10th place by the Lada XRay with 34.807 (+4.5%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 100 models.

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