Russia best selling cars 2015. The top 100

Best small cars
The Kia Rio 2017

Russia best selling cars 2015 with podium unchanged thanks to the success of Lada Granta, Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio in the podium. Datsun is the raising star.

The 2015 had been a nightmare for the Russian automotive industry hit by effects of EU and US sanctions and by the fall of oil price in the international markets.

Looking to the best selling cars ranking, all the top models have reported huge lost and just few news vehicles joined the top 100 list.

The podium unchanged from the previous year with the Lada Granta on top with 120.182 sales (-21.4%) followed by the Hyundai Solaris with 115.868 units (+1.1%) and the Kia Rio with 97.097 (+3.7%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Polo with 45.390 sales (-23.0%) ahead of first LCV model, the Gaz Gazelle, with 44.411 units (-30.7%), the Renault Duster and Logan respectively with 43.923 (-42.3%) and 41.311 (-31.6%).

Behind three Russian vehicles: the Lada Largus with 38.982 (-40.2%), the Lada Kalina with 35.869 (-45.3%) and the glorious Lada 4×4 with 35.312 (-4.7%).

ables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 100 models.

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