World Best Selling SUV 2015. The Top 50.

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World Best Selling SUV 2015 was led again by Honda CR-V although losing sales and while the Toyota RAV4 has reduced almost all the gap. The Chinese Haval6 jumped in 6th place


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a “Sport utility vehicle” is “a rugged automotive vehicle similar to a station wagon but built on a light-truck chassis”. The “SUV” term is defined as “a large vehicle that is designed to be used on rough surfaces but that is often used on city roads or highways.The “SUV” acronym “is still used to describe nearly anything with available all-wheel drive and raised ground clearance.

So, we can affirm that the leader has not changed. It is the Honda CR-V that was registered in 700.920 units, down 2.2% from the correspondent period last year and 55.000 units from the record volume hit in the 2013.

Fueled by the last generation success (launched in the 2014 and now produced in Russia as well), the Toyota RAV4 ranks second having reduced the gap to the leadership. Sales have been 664.314 (+5.3%) at record level after 21 years of production.

On the third step of the podium the Volkswagen Tiguan with 502.108 sales (+1.8%), the new record for the model, and it was followed by the Kia Sportage with 449.718 (-1.2%) and the Nissan X-Trail, at new record of 378.125 (+49.7%).

The great news is represented by a Chinese Haval H6, actually sold just in the country of origin, advanced in 6th place, up 3 spots, with 373.229 units ahead of the Ford Escape, 7th with 372.367 (-1.0%), the Hyundai Santa Fe with 365.352 (-3.6%), the Mazda CX-5 with 361.015 (+1.9%, new record) and the Nissan Qashqai with 355.368 (-2.3%).

Others models have reported outstanding performance like the Nissan Rogue, 11th with +39.0% at 326.882 (new record), the recently face lifted Hyundai Tucson, 12th with 302.771 (+53.7%), the Jeep Cherokee, 13th with 301.528 (+26.8%).

F2M Mobility Database

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2015Rank 2014ModelSales 2015Sales 2014Var 2015Share 2015Share 2014
11Honda CR-V700.920714.908-2,0%3,1%3,8%
22Toyota RAV4664.314631.1205,3%2,9%3,3%
33Volkswagen Tiguan502.108493.0301,8%2,2%2,6%
44Kia Sportage449.718455.064-1,2%2,0%2,4%
518Nissan X-Trail378.125252.54249,7%1,7%1,3%
610Haval H6373.229315.88118,2%1,6%1,7%
76Ford Escape372.637376.561-1,0%1,6%2,0%
85Hyundai Santa fe365.356378.998-3,6%1,6%2,0%
98Mazda CX-5361.015354.2301,9%1,6%1,9%
107Nissan Qashqai355.638363.884-2,3%1,6%1,9%
1120Nissan Rogue326.882235.11939,0%1,4%1,2%
1227Hyundai Tucson302.771196.95853,7%1,3%1,0%
1319Jeep Cherokee301.528237.78626,8%1,3%1,3%
1415Chevrolet Equinox300.880262.00314,8%1,3%1,4%
1517Ford Explorer299.065259.99715,0%1,3%1,4%
1612Jeep Grand Cherokee277.316280.326-1,1%1,2%1,5%
1711Subaru Forester276.696285.497-3,1%1,2%1,5%
1824Kia Sorento272.315218.27924,8%1,2%1,1%
199Hyundai ix35266.351346.787-23,2%1,2%1,8%
2016Ford Kuga264.530261.1241,3%1,2%1,4%
2114Toyota Highlander257.479263.005-2,1%1,1%1,4%
2221Jeep Wrangler257.170234.8469,5%1,1%1,2%
2322Nissan Versa246.055231.2096,4%1,1%1,2%
2413Ford Ecosport245.386274.453-10,6%1,1%1,4%
2533Ford Edge230.828155.57248,4%1,0%0,8%
26241Honda HR-V227.1083.7675928,9%1,0%0,0%
2728Peugeot 2008222.757189.00317,9%1,0%1,0%
2829Renault Captur209.667172.95121,2%0,9%0,9%
2946Honda Vezel201.834125.04861,4%0,9%0,7%
30101JAC Refine S3196.77950.140292,5%0,9%0,3%
3130Subaru Outback196.728168.74116,6%0,9%0,9%
3225Nissan Juke188.775210.430-10,3%0,8%1,1%
3326Toyota Prado188.470205.826-8,4%0,8%1,1%
3499ChangAn CS75186.62352.991252,2%0,8%0,3%
3539BMW X5179.770144.95524,0%0,8%0,8%
3637Opel Mokka177.769150.68318,0%0,8%0,8%
3762ChangAn CS35171.807102.31567,9%0,8%0,5%
38102Haval H2168.51749.351241,5%0,7%0,3%
3965Chevrolet Trax164.69299.26765,9%0,7%0,5%
40104Beijing Auto Huansu S3164.43648.506239,0%0,7%0,3%
4132Dacia Duster163.943162.6640,8%0,7%0,9%
42212Jeep Renegade163.2707.8601977,2%0,7%0,0%
43161Buick Envision162.94119.683727,8%0,7%0,1%
4436Mitsubishi Outlander162.388151.7867,0%0,7%0,8%
4523Renault Duster161.627228.635-29,3%0,7%1,2%
4670Dongfeng Fengguang 330/370160.43988.81580,6%0,7%0,5%
4742Buick Encore155.860138.23412,8%0,7%0,7%
4841Toyota Land Cruiser152.435140.1998,7%0,7%0,7%
4940Dodge Journey151.356142.1816,5%0,7%0,7%
5050Honda Pilot149.719121.05423,7%0,7%0,6%
5148Jeep Patriot149.173122.42221,9%0,7%0,6%
5231Lexus RX147.478164.811-10,5%0,7%0,9%
5344Audi Q5146.851130.70412,4%0,6%0,7%
54378Baojun 560145.007-#DIV/0!0,6%0,0%
5535Mitsubishi ASX143.856152.932-5,9%0,6%0,8%
5643Toyota Fortuner141.659137.2163,2%0,6%0,7%
5734Peugeot 3008140.419155.426-9,7%0,6%0,8%
5838BMW X3138.750149.250-7,0%0,6%0,8%
59163Lexus NX134.55619.215600,3%0,6%0,1%
60378GAC Trumpchi GS4131.016-#DIV/0!0,6%0,0%
6153Chevrolet Traverse128.678112.64814,2%0,6%0,6%
6255Cadillac SRX128.182108.29418,4%0,6%0,6%
6351GMC Terrain126.801119.9735,7%0,6%0,6%
6459Audi Q3125.870106.67118,0%0,6%0,6%
6545Jeep Compass125.472127.624-1,7%0,6%0,7%
6656Chery Tiggo 3120.357107.31912,1%0,5%0,6%
6760Volvo XC60119.878104.04715,2%0,5%0,5%
6884Mercedes GLA118.98267.68375,8%0,5%0,4%
69299Honda XR-V118.74952622475,9%0,5%0,0%
7058Audi Q5L114.000106.9996,5%0,5%0,6%
7154Nissan Pathfinder112.278112.636-0,3%0,5%0,6%
7247Chevrolet Tahoe111.653123.251-9,4%0,5%0,6%
73221BYD S7110.0886.5491581,0%0,5%0,0%
7469GMC Acadia105.52992.61913,9%0,5%0,5%
7574Toyota 4Runner104.44283.27825,4%0,5%0,4%
76147Hyundai ix25102.75524.721315,7%0,5%0,1%
7749Land Rover Range Rover Evoque100.806121.791-17,2%0,4%0,6%
7868Skoda Yeti99.79296.8593,0%0,4%0,5%
7978Subaru XV Crosstrek97.37477.89525,0%0,4%0,4%
8094Nissan Murano92.41659.83954,4%0,4%0,3%
8163Mercedes M Class90.848102.081-11,0%0,4%0,5%
8261Mahindra Bolero90.410103.565-12,7%0,4%0,5%
8373Land Rover Range Rover Sport86.55683.7113,4%0,4%0,4%
84378Dongfeng Joyear SUV84.124-#DIV/0!0,4%0,0%
8592Audi Q783.26461.79734,7%0,4%0,3%
86342Fiat 500X81.23510775820,7%0,4%0,0%
87374Mazda CX-381.09232702953,3%0,4%0,0%
88116Porsche Macan77.82038.036104,6%0,3%0,2%
8957BMW X175.931107.040-29,1%0,3%0,6%
90378Brilliance V375.293-#DIV/0!0,3%0,0%
9181Dodge Durango73.28774.903-2,2%0,3%0,4%
92140Citroen C4 Cactus72.21328.373154,5%0,3%0,1%
9382Porsche Cayenne71.07070.2611,2%0,3%0,4%
9495Land Rover Range Rover70.85558.55921,0%0,3%0,3%
9567Chery Tiggo 569.47097.317-28,6%0,3%0,5%
9652Chevrolet Captiva68.544112.942-39,3%0,3%0,6%
9772Audi Q3L68.51987.311-21,5%0,3%0,5%
9883Buick Enclave67.56568.085-0,8%0,3%0,4%
9980Acura MDX66.54175.170-11,5%0,3%0,4%
100275Citroen C3-XR66.4871.2465236,0%0,3%0,0%