Samoa 2018. Toyota held 41.3% in a market surging to 13.9%

Cameroon vehicles market

Samoa Car Sales in the 2018 soared to 13.9% with registrations at 443. Toyota held the crown, scoring an impressive +22%, while Ford kept the second position, only a few units ahead of Hyundai.

The economy of Samoa has traditionally been dependent on development aid, family remittances from overseas, tourism, agriculture, and fishing. It has a nominal GDP of $844 million. Agriculture, including fishing, furnishes 90% of exports, featuring fish and coconut oil. The manufacturing sector mainly processes agricultural products. Industry accounts for nearly 22% of GDP while employing less than 6% of the workforce. The service sector accounts for nearly two-thirds of GDP and employs approximately 50% of the labour force.

In the 2017 the market registrations reached 389 units, while in the 2018 it surged to 13.9%, ending the year with 443 sales.

In the competitive arena, Toyota has improved 22% with 183 sales – holding 41.3% of share – ahead of Ford with 127 (+3.3%), outpacing Hyundai for just a few units.