Slovenian Best Selling Cars ranking. Renault Clio battles with VW Golf.

Slovenian Best Selling Cars

Slovenian Best Selling Cars ranking led by twin models with Renault Clio and Volkswagen Golf very close on top of the list. In the 2015 the Nissan Juke is protagonist of an amazing run surging in third place.

Market Outlook

After having hit the last twenties years low in the 2012, new car market is moderately growing and actually is protagonist of a growing string started 10 months ago.

The double-digit growth reported in the first quarter has been followed by a similar performance in the second with April +9.7%, May +13.7% and June +12.8%

In June according to data released by Sekcija Za Osebna Motorna Vozila, the local Association of Car Manufacturers, new car passengers sold have been 5.446.

The first half sales has been 32.375, +11.6% from the correspondent period last year.

Best Selling Cars

During the first half 2015 the best selling model in Slovenia was again the Renault Clio with 2.057 units (+20.8%) with 6.6% of market share while the gap over the second become narrow with Volkswagen Golf just few units behind at 2.010 (+30.9%).

The two leaders created a wide gap over the others and the third was almost 1.000 units below. It was the Nissan Juke at 1.230 (+173.9%) followed by the Volkswagen Polo with 1.208 (-6.1%), the Skoda Octavia with 1.186 (+16.6%), the Dacia Duster with 879 (+146.6%) and the Volkswagen Passat with 869 (-192.6%).