Sudan. In 2019 the market declined for the fourth year in a row

Sudan car market

Sudan Car Market in 2019 signed the fourth consecutive annual loss. Indeed, the Full-year ended at 1.696, down 13.8% from the previous year. Toyota controlled over 40% of the market, holding a huge gap over Isuzu and Nissan.

Sudan North economy contracted in 2019 by an estimated 2.4% driven by a contraction in the services sector and investment in real estate and business services. Agriculture, accounting for 32% of GDP, also contracted in 2019, due to shortages of inputs—especially fuel. And a weak business environment, where political uncertainty discouraged private investment, dampened confidence and productivity in manufacturing and construction.

Sudan car market is mainly populated by import of used vehicles, representing near 90% of total vehicles sold each year. For this reason, the new vehicles market appears to be resilient at the economic changes and at the effects of the civil war. In recent years, total market hit the highest level in 2015 with 3.500 units sold and then embarked on an awful pathway, signing three consecutive years of decline.

Indeed, after registering 2.500 units in 2017, the market ended at 1.968 units sold in 2018, losing 21.3%.

In 2019, the market kept worsening, and the Full-year ended at 1.696, down 13.8% from the previous year.

In the competitive landscape, Toyota controlled 44.2% of the market, holding a huge gap over Isuzu and Nissan, which both detained near 10% of share.

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