Sweden 2017. Vehicles sales at new all time record


Sweden Vehicle Market hit a new all time record in the 2017, the second in a string, fueled by fast economic growth, solid labor market and the development of a local green vehicles strategy. Volvo outperformed on top of the list, ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota.

Swedish economic picture for the third quarter show another period of robust economic activity. Quarter-on-quarter GDP growth came in significantly above the EU average, boosted by surging fixed investment.

This in turn was likely linked to upbeat business sentiment, which remained elevated in December thanks to broad-based optimism, particularly in the manufacturing sector. In addition, industrial production growth accelerated in October, while the labor market was rock solid in November.

Sweden Vehicle Market is on a roll having scored growing performance through recent years with consecutive records ended in the 2016 peak of 372.212 cars further hit in the 2017 with a new record of 379.240 units.

A key propellent of sales acceleration is the national automotive plan, focus on alternative vehicles to fuel, with green incentives which are supporting the development of growing Electric/Hybrid vehicles segment.

Indeed, according to data released by the BIL Sweden, the Swedish Associations of Car Manufacturers, first half sales ended a t a new record of 193.000 units (+3.2%) and the third quarter grew up a further 3.1%. In October sales have been 32.112 (+1.2%) and in November 32.469 (+2.1%) with the year to date figures at 344.420 units, up 2.8%.

At brand-wise, the Geely’s owned local maker, Volvo outperformed the market with sales up 6.0% at 75.497 units.

In second place Volkswagen with 57.450 sales (-0.6%) ahead of Toyota with 23.076 (+3.3%), Kia with 23.037 (+5.7%), BMW with 21.419 (-3.3%), Audi with 20.619 (-9.0%), Mercedes with 19.634 (+15.6%), Skoda with 17.319 (+6.9%), Renault with 15.937 (+10.9%) and in 10th place Peugeot with 12.350 (+16.6%).

At model wise, the Volvo XC60 with 21.746(+57.3%) followed by the new Volvo S/V90 with 19.992 and the  Volkswagen Golf with 17.988 (-15.8%).

In order to read the Swedish Best Selling Models ranking, with the top 100 in the last years, please see the dedicated article.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top Models

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