Tanzania 2015. New vehicles sales steady


Tanzania Car Sales in 2015 has lost terrain with sales just above the 3.5k (including HCVs). Disappointing the expectations for a progressive increase of vehicles demand, the industry stands at very low-level while used cars flourished. Toyota Hilux dominates.

The Tanzanian government announced the discovery of an onshore natural gas deposit worth an estimated USD 6 billion earlier this year. Furthermore, Tanzanian President John Magufuli confirmed that French energy company Total has agreed to build a USD 4 billion oil pipeline connecting oil fields in Uganda to a Tanzanian port.

The announcement was a huge victory for Tanzania because Total was debating whether to construct the pipeline through Kenya instead. Aside from the economic benefits stemming from the construction, the pipeline could connect oil wells in Tanzania, should companies decide to exploit them.

The government is pushing for construction to begin promptly to ensure that the pipeline does actually run through Tanzania.

New vehicles market is very little at few thousand units as the current level on income does not support the expense on new vehicles, In addition the still low-level of road infrastructure suggest to invest money in already used vehicles, used imported from Japan (via UAE).

However the market should show improvements while is declining. Indeed in the 2015 total vehicles sales have been 3.533, including 1.139 HCVs, losing terrain from the previous year.

The market leader is Toyota dominating the industry with 54.8% of market share and 1.593 sales in the year. Ford was second with 13.6% of share and Nissan third with 9.5%.

Toyota Hilux dominates the market with 27.5% of market share ahead of the Ford Ranger and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top Brands

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