Tesla 2017. Global sales over 100k milestone


Tesla Global performance in the 2017 has been very positive with sales for the first time over the 100.000 units. Strong growth reported in Asia and in Europe, while North America was slower.

Following the rapid development reported in the period 2010-2016, during the 2017 Tesla has record over 100k global sales, first time ever, with 105.904 sales, up 47.7% from the previous year.

At regional-wise, sales are pulled up by the fastest increase reported in Asia (including China, Japan, Korea) and in the European Community. North American operations improved “only” 29.5%.

Global Automotive Database

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Tesla Global Performance Report

Tesla started the sales distribution only in the 2010, selling the first 23 vehicles. Eight years after, for the first time volume exceed the 100.000 units.

At regional level, the 63% of sales are done in America while the European sales represent 24.6% and the Asian 12.4%

In our report we figure out this brand’s sales data in 6different countries, with forecast up to the 2022.

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Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2016Sales 2017Variation 2017Mix 2017Sales 2018 e
11America North41.52153.79029,5%50,8%83.659
76Europe East2317-26,1%0,0%18