Turkey best selling cars 2016. The winner is Fiat Egea


Turkey best selling cars 2016 ranking led by the new Fiat Egea produced locally as the second and former leader, the Toyota Corolla. The Renault Clio replaced the Fluence in the podium.

As reported in the dedicated articles, the Turkish vehicles market in the 2016 celebrated the new all time record, the second in a row, very close to the wall of 1 million units.

According to data released by the O.D.D. the Otomotiv Distribütörleri Derneği (Car Distributors Association in Turkey), the best-selling car in Turkey during the full year 2016 had been the new Fiat Egea, produced locally since the fall of 2015 and exported in the rest of Europe under the name “Tipo”.

Here the Fiat Egea was sold in 38.260 units gaining month after month a solid advantage over the former leader, the Toyota Corolla, locally produced as well, ending the year with 33.259 sales (-5.6%).

In third place the Renault Clio, first time on the podium, with 29.743 sales (-4.3%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Passat with 28.946 units (-4.3%) followed by Volkswagen Polo with 27.758 units (+27.4%) and the Renault Symbol with 25.273 (+5.6).

In seventh place the Opel Astra sedan with 24.972 sales (+185%) followed by the Renault Fluence with 21.877 (-35.2%), the Volkswagen Golf with 21.434 (-12.2%) and in 10th place the Hyundai i20 with 21.215 units (-3.0%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 100 Models

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