Uruguay 2018. Volkswagen leader again in an awful market

Uruguayan Vehicles Market

Uruguayan Vehicles Market in 2018 does not recover from the negative trend of previous years, ending the year with 43.815 units sold (-20.3%). Volkswagen is again the market leader, followed by Renault – up 2 spots – and Fiat.

Economic Environment

In the fourth quarter inflationary pressures moderated, coupled with a more stable peso and lower unemployment, likely propped up private consumption growth. However, on the external front, exports continued to contract in October and November, with tourism revenue likely down markedly in Q4 due to a strong appreciation of the Uruguayan peso against its Argentine counterpart in real terms.

Growth should remain broadly stable this year amid ongoing global trade uncertainties and as adverse economic conditions across the border weigh on the external sector. Sustained private consumption and robust fixed investment growth should spearhead overall growth in 2019. The expected rebound in agricultural output from last year’s drought will also lend further support to growth.

Market Trend

Uruguayan vehicles market in recent years declined from the record established in the 2013, with 56.220 light vehicles sold to the 44.285 units reported in the 2016. However, according to data released by the ACAU, the Asociation del Comercio Automotor del Uruguay, during the 2017 the market reported a robust performance ending the year at the second best result ever, with 56.843 units (+25.4%).

In the 2018 the market was heavily negative. The car passenger’s segment kept a negative tone during the entire year, ending with registrations at 43.815. Moreover, this is the lowest annual volume since 2010, leading the market down 20.3%.

In the competitive landscapes in the start of the 2018 was waked up by an amazing start of Renault, which has taken the leadership until July despite progressively losing the advantage. Since August, the 2017 leader is back on top of the list, Volkswagen, with 6.019 sales year to date (-25.1%) ahead of Renault with 5.598 (+9.6%) and Fiat with 5.323 (-16.1%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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