Romania 2018. Car industry up 24.6% is doubled in 5 years

Romanian car market

Romanian car market in 2018 sharply increased by 24.6%, ending the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth with sales at 130.953. Dacia, dominating the market with three models in the podium, is followed by Skoda (+27.6%) and Renault (+37.9%).

Economic Environment

Romania economic growth ticked up in the third quarter, although the slight acceleration was due to a surge in inventories which more than offset further cooling in consumer spending, still-falling fixed investment and a negative contribution from the external sector. In an attempt to curb the ballooning fiscal deficit, the cabinet approved a series of measures on 21 December, including a tax on banks’ assets designed to cap money market lending rates.

Growth is set to slow further this year, as the expansionary effects of fiscal stimulus wane and consumer spending continues to cool due to weakening consumer confidence and smaller wage and job gains. Moreover, although growth in fixed investment is expected to strengthen, potential capital outflows and revisions of companies’ capital investment plans due to the deteriorated and unstable legal framework cloud the outlook.

Market Trend

Romanian vehicles market was among the worse in Europe during the 2009 crisis declining to a negative peak in the 2013 with 57.710 car passenger’s sales. Then, the economic recovery pushed the market up with uninterrupted growth up to the 2017. According to data released by the Romanian Department of Internal Transportation, in the 2017 car passenger’s sales have been 105.083 (+10.7%).

In the 2018, the market kept growing fast. Indeed, this year has reached the highest volume of the last decade, closing with 130.953 units sold. Moreover, the market has signed the fifth double-digit annual gain in a row, with sales up 24.6%.

Competitive Arena

At brand-wise, Dacia dominates the 2018 ranking with 36.873 sales (+23%) and 28.2% market share.

In second place Skoda with 11.148 (+27.6%) followed by Renault with 10.629 (+37.9%), Volkswagen with 10.060 (+7.5%), Ford with 9.681 (+20.4%), Opel with 7.767 (+31.3%), Hyundai with 5.753 (+48%) and Toyota with 5.097 (+35.8%).

At model-wise, the Dacia Logan is again the best-selling model with 20.363 sales (+18.5%), followed by Dacia Duster with 8.693 with (+28%) and the Dacia Sandero with 5.655 (+48%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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