USA best selling Cars 2016. The top 100 models ranking

Russia Vehicles Market in November 2016

USA best selling Cars 2016 ranking celebrates the 41 years of Ford F Series leadership with a new all time record for the model in a all time record market. Nissan Rogue is the raising star

US Auto industry celebrate the eight years under President Obama with a positive results for the 2016 as well, with final sales at 17.5 million units, the highest level ever, over 1 million over the level hit in the 2008, before the sharp financial crisis, ending with seventh growth in a row.

The most benefit was taken by the American firms, with FCA as the best performer in last years but with Ford and GM both reporting substantial performance.

As far as the top-selling models, a record of 41 consecutive years of leadership hit by the icon of American vehicles, the Ford F-Series, which hit the best ever selling volume both in the country and in the World, now surging up as the third best-selling vehicles globally with sales near to 1 million.

In America, the Ford F-Series improved sales by 5.2% at 820.799 sales doing better than the Chevrolet Silverado, down 4.3% at 574.000 followed by the Ram Pick up, third with 487.000 (+8.1%).

In fourth place the best passenger car, the Toyota Camry has lost 9.5% with 388.000 units and now has a narrow gap over the Honda Civic, which sold 366.000 units (+9.4%) while in sixth place the Toyota Corolla sedan with 360.000 (-0.8%) has lost 1 spot.

The Honda CR-V advanced one spot in seventh with 357.000 units (+3.4%) ahead of the rival Toyota Rav4 with 352.000 (+11.6%), the Honda Accord with 345.000 (-2.9%) and in 10th place the Nissan Altima  with 307.000 units (-7.8%)

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
11Ford F-Series820.799780.3545,2%
22Chevrolet Silverado574.876600.544-4,3%
33Ram Pick-up487.558451.1168,1%
44Toyota Camry388.618429.355-9,5%
58Honda Civic366.927335.3849,4%
65Toyota Corolla sedan360.483363.332-0,8%
77Honda CR-V357.335345.6473,4%
810Toyota RAV4352.154315.41211,6%
96Honda Accord345.225355.557-2,9%
1013Nissan Rogue329.904287.19014,9%
119Nissan Altima307.380333.398-7,8%
1211Ford Escape307.069306.4920,2%
1312Ford Fusion265.840300.170-11,4%
1415Ford Explorer248.507249.251-0,3%
1514Chevrolet Equinox242.195277.589-12,8%
1625Chevrolet Malibu227.881194.85416,9%
1718GMC Sierra221.680224.139-1,1%
1821Nissan Sentra214.709203.5095,5%
1924Jeep Grand Cherokee212.273196.3128,1%
2016Hyundai Elantra208.319241.706-13,8%
2119Jeep Cherokee199.736220.744-9,5%
2220Hyundai Sonata199.416213.303-6,5%
2323Jeep Wrangler191.774202.266-5,2%
2426Toyota Tacoma191.631179.5626,7%
2530Toyota Highlander191.379158.91720,4%
2617Chevrolet Cruze188.876226.602-16,6%
2731Subaru Outback182.898152.29420,1%
2827Subaru Forester178.593175.1921,9%
2922Ford Focus168.789202.478-16,6%
3032Kia Soul145.768147.133-0,9%
3145Ford Transit143.244117.57721,8%
3238Ford Edge134.588124.1208,4%
3333Nissan Versa132.214144.528-8,5%
3443Hyundai Santa fe131.257118.13411,1%
3534Toyota Sienna127.791137.497-7,1%
3652Dodge Grand Caravan127.678101.55325,7%
3729Kia Optima124.203159.414-22,1%
3840Jeep Patriot121.926121.2740,5%
3936Volkswagen Jetta121.107131.109-7,6%
4037Honda Odyssey120.846127.736-5,4%
4135Honda Pilot120.772136.212-11,3%
4241Chevrolet Traverse116.701119.945-2,7%
4342Toyota Tundra115.489118.880-2,9%
4447Kia Sorento114.733116.249-1,3%
4549Mazda CX-5112.235111.4500,7%
4656Toyota 4Runner111.97097.03415,4%
4753Lexus RX109.435100.6108,8%
4864Chevrolet Colorado108.72584.43028,8%
4950Dodge Journey106.759108.085-1,2%
5085Jeep Renegade106.60660.86475,2%
5139Ford Mustang105.932122.349-13,4%
5261Chevrolet Tahoe103.30688.34216,9%
5366Kia Forte103.29278.91930,9%
5444Toyota Prius101.340118.020-14,1%
5546Chevrolet Impala97.006116.825-17,0%
5660Subaru XV Crosstrek95.67788.9277,6%
5857Dodge Charger95.43796.633-1,2%
5969Jeep Compass94.06171.44831,6%
6078Hyundai Tucson89.71363.59141,1%
6154Subaru Impreza88.517100.519-11,9%
6258GMC Acadia88.46696.393-8,2%
6348GMC Terrain87.925112.030-21,5%
6481Nissan Murano86.95362.90738,2%
6582Nissan Frontier86.92662.81738,4%
66109Honda HR-V82.04141.96995,5%
6765Nissan Pathfinder81.70182.041-0,4%
6892Kia Sportage81.06653.73950,9%
6984Hyundai Accent79.76661.48629,7%
7080Chevrolet Trax79.01663.03025,4%
7171Buick Encore78.56567.54916,3%
7263Mercedes C Class77.16786.080-10,4%
7367Volkswagen Passat73.00278.207-6,7%
7468Chevrolet Camaro72.70577.502-6,2%
7559BMW 3 Series70.45894.540-25,5%
7676Dodge Durango68.47464.7235,8%
7779Chevrolet Express68.00763.3827,3%
7886Subaru Legacy65.30660.4478,0%
7972Dodge Challenger64.43366.377-2,9%
80112Nissan Maxima62.67040.35955,3%
81Chrysler Pacifica62.366
8273Volkswagen Golf61.68765.308-5,5%
8398Chevrolet Suburban60.08250.86618,1%
84111Ford Expedition59.83541.44344,4%
8555Chrysler Town & Country59.07197.530-39,4%
8674Lexus ES58.29964.969-10,3%
8728Chrysler 20057.294167.368-65,8%
8894Honda Fit56.63052.7247,4%
8988Acura MDX55.49558.208-4,7%
9075Chevrolet Sonic55.25564.775-14,7%
91106Lexus NX54.88443.76425,4%
9299Ford E-Series54.24550.7886,8%
93107GMC Yukon53.44742.73225,1%
9493Chrysler 30053.24153.0250,4%
9597Acura RDX52.36151.0262,6%
9683Buick Enclave52.02862.081-16,2%
97158Mercedes GLE51.79120.663150,6%
9890Mercedes E Class50.89655.888-8,9%
9996Audi Q549.55052.006-4,7%
10077Ford Fiesta48.80764.458-24,3%