World Best Selling Car Ranking. The best 100 in 2018

World Best Selling Car

World Best Selling Car ranking in 2018 was led again by the Toyota Corolla, while the Toyota RAV4 gained the third position. The Jeep Compass & Wrangler were among the fastest-growing models.

Global Market Trend

The Global light vehicles market in 2018 has broken the growth after seven years losing terrain from the previous year with total sales at 88.9 million units, down 1.1%, well below any expectations.

Indeed, the first half of the year has been highly performing. However, the second half was affected by the WLTP introduction in Europe – where sales fluctuated losing 10.6% in September – and worsened due to Chinese crisis.

The Top 100 Models Ranking

The competition among the best vehicles sold in the World, in the 2017 was focused by the astonishing escalade of the Ford F-Series, advanced in second place, first time above 1 million units, as reported in the focus2move official report, Best Selling Cars Ranking 2017, We will keep on track single segment performance, in the reports by segments section, but here we report on the total light vehicles sales.

In 2018 ranking, the Toyota Corolla (all versions) is again on top with 1.9 million units sold, down 1.3%. It is followed by the Ford F-Series with 1.1 million sales (+0.6%) which in recent months was running slow.

The battle for the third place was harsh with the best compact and the best SUV in the World divided by few units.

Actually third is the Toyota RAV4 with 832.485 units (+3.3%) and the fourth is the Honda Civic with 827.478 units (+1.7%).

In fifth place, up two spots, the Volkswagen Tiguan with 802.966 sales (+10.5%).

In sixth place, losing three spots from the previous year and 10.8%, the Volkswagen Golf with 783.546 units followed in seventh place by the Honda CR-V with 732.139 sales (-3.3%).

In eight place the Volkswagen Polo with 722.426 (+11.3%) followed by the Toyota Camry with 670.047 (+5.5%) and in 10th place by the Chevrolet Silverado with 653.748 (-1%).

Data Source

This report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model since January 2010 to the last month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).


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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017Var 2018
11Toyota Corolla1.187.1831.203.405-1,3%
22Ford F-Series1.082.6291.076.4110,6%
35Toyota RAV4832.486805.8743,3%
44Honda Civic827.478813.4671,7%
57Volkswagen Tiguan802.966726.93110,5%
63Volkswagen Golf783.547877.952-10,8%
76Honda CR-V732.139757.419-3,3%
810Volkswagen Polo722.427648.89711,3%
911Toyota Camry670.047635.3565,5%
108Chevrolet Silverado653.748660.437-1,0%
1114Ram pick-up623.647601.7673,6%
1213Hyundai Elantra619.682628.831-1,5%
1312Hyundai Tucson570.591629.581-9,4%
1420Toyota Hilux553.274505.6549,4%
1517Honda Accord518.345528.875-2,0%
1621Nissan Qashqai515.922499.5333,3%
1718Volkswagen Lavida503.940517.255-2,6%
1825Kia Sportage494.391428.71815,3%
1915Volkswagen Jetta491.550537.674-8,6%
2029Nissan Sylphy486.736410.80918,5%
2116Wuling Hongguang476.538532.394-10,5%
2222Mercedes C Class460.669488.636-5,7%
2319Haval H6455.912508.396-10,3%
2424Nissan Rogue455.511449.1711,4%
2530Mazda CX-5454.555409.63011,0%
269Ford Focus452.640653.114-30,7%
2737Chevrolet Equinox440.654376.05217,2%
2823Volkswagen Passat434.254461.157-5,8%
2926Nissan X-Trail422.412424.586-0,5%
3082Jeep Compass408.492260.62256,7%
3136Toyota Yaris400.992377.0486,4%
3232Mercedes E Class400.313389.4152,8%
3384Wuling Mini Truck398.134255.23756,0%
3428Skoda Octavia390.010414.981-6,0%
3534Renault Clio382.623388.498-1,5%
3633Ford Fiesta375.997388.771-3,3%
3742Toyota Highlander373.912340.9459,7%
3841BMW 5 Series373.538341.0009,5%
3949Mercedes GLC370.483313.14818,3%
4040Baojun 510361.403358.8770,7%
4235BMW 3 Series348.943383.732-9,1%
4344Audi A4344.921336.8212,4%
4464Toyota C-HR341.899283.61020,6%
4538Ford Escape332.996375.691-11,4%
4690Ford Ecosport331.634244.98135,4%
4783Isuzu D-Max315.515259.99321,4%
4848Ford Explorer312.369322.323-3,1%
4957Foton Light Truck311.665294.1306,0%
5047Volkswagen Sagitar309.902327.062-5,2%
5145Honda HR-V307.035336.160-8,7%
5239Chevrolet Malibu305.168361.052-15,5%
5363Jeep Cherokee302.033284.3316,2%
5462Hyundai Santa fe299.278284.6695,1%
5555Honda Fit296.145304.692-2,8%
56101Jeep Wrangler295.331230.58528,1%
5770Audi Q5294.267278.5285,7%
5851Nissan Sentra292.884308.077-4,9%
5952Ford Transit289.569306.724-5,6%
6053Peugeot 208287.763305.846-5,9%
6150Audi A3286.803312.310-8,2%
6254Jeep Grand Cherokee283.379305.161-7,1%
6358GMC Sierra282.319287.977-2,0%
6466BMW X1280.387281.393-0,4%
6599Mitsubishi Outlander276.681233.39018,5%
6659Volkswagen Santana276.510287.334-3,8%
6778Renault Captur276.123265.8623,9%
6873Subaru Forester274.333275.769-0,5%
6972Kia Rio272.615277.371-1,7%
70111Toyota Tacoma270.052218.48623,6%
71126Chevrolet Cavalier268.913193.61538,9%
7280Ford Ranger267.904264.0541,5%
7398Hyundai Creta266.776233.93214,0%
7479Maruti Alto264.728265.245-0,2%
75106Maruti Dzire264.612225.04317,6%
7665Jeep Renegade263.898282.234-6,5%
77Buick Excelle GT261.920
7876Hyundai i20257.058272.047-5,5%
7995Chevrolet Onix256.153238.2107,5%
8060Geely Boyue255.695286.163-10,6%
8194Citroen C3254.507238.2956,8%
8285Kia Sorento252.501251.6200,4%
8343GAC Trumpchi GS4250.605337.330-25,7%
8486Audi A6248.886250.948-0,8%
8581Geely Emgrand EC7248.239261.345-5,0%
8687Volkswagen Bora246.205249.055-1,1%
87112Honda N-Box241.870218.47810,7%
88116Peugeot 3008241.239208.43315,7%
8946Chevrolet Cruze239.751336.034-28,7%
9067Buick Envision235.222281.184-16,3%
9177Toyota Prius231.959270.952-14,4%
92105Dacia Sandero230.321225.4632,2%
9356Ford Edge230.122295.997-22,3%
94113Volkswagen Magotan228.990216.3035,9%
9571Nissan Altima228.831277.637-17,6%
9675Honda City228.618274.006-16,6%
9769Ford Kuga227.922278.579-18,2%
9897Roewe RX5224.819234.418-4,1%
9991Opel Corsa224.671243.732-7,8%
100148Maruti Swift223.632167.37333,6%