Global Car Sales by Manufacturer. The Top 25 in the 2017

World Car Brands Ranking

World Car Group Ranking at the end of 2017 led by Volkswagen with 10.6 million units ahead of Toyota and Renault-Nissan. American brands are the losers, while Japanese are winners. The best performance, however, was the Chinese Geely, up 35% and the worst is Hyundai.

Despite in early January 2018, Mr. Carlos Ghost has released to have finally gained the leadership among global vehicles manufacturers, we at focus2move have different data. Indeed, while the outstanding trend of Nissan-Renault is confirmed, even more after the Mitsubishi “acquisition”, the leader unchanged and was not under Ghost.

In fact, for the third year in a row, the global leader among light vehicles (cars +lcvs) manufacturers is the Volkswagen Group  with 10.6 million sales (+3.7%) and with a share on the global market of 11.2%.

In second place there was Toyota Motor with 10.31 million (+2.4%) and “only” in third the Renault-Nissan  Alliance with 10.25 million (+6.4%).

In fourth place General Motors Corporation with 9.0 million sales (+1.1%). Note that data do not include Opel sales both for 2017 and 2016.

In fifth place by the Hyundai Group, despite the heavy lost of 8.2%, selling 7.3 million. Hyundai Group was the worst performer among the Top 20 Manufacturers.

Stable in sixth place Ford Motor Company with 6.28 million sales (-1.7%) which is defining a new strategy after the sudden change of CEO, effective in the last summer.

Following a long stable growth, Honda Motor Group was seventh with 5.26 million sales (+5.6%) ahead of FCA with 4.8 million (+0.1%).

Thanks to the acquisition of Opel, P.S.A. gained one spot advancing in 9th place with 4.24 million sales (-3.9%) followed by Suzuki with 3.1 million (+11.8%), Mercedes Daimler with 2.7 million (+9.1%) and BMW with 2.45 (+3.9%).

Thanks to the outstanding sales level in the domestic market and the acquisition of control (49%) of Malaysian unprofitable Proton and UK luxury brand Lotus, the Chinese Geely boomed 38.0% ranking 13rd with 1.9 million sales.

Please remember that data in the report do not include HCV and Bus sales but only cars and LCVs.

Data Source

This report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model from January 2010 to lats month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).


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Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2016Sales 20172017 +/-%Share 2017
11Volkswagen Group10.226.65710.603.4333,7%11,2%
22Toyota Group10.078.77810.316.6322,4%10,9%
33Renault Nissan Alliance9.637.07010.256.3506,4%10,9%
44General Motors8.905.8098.999.8521,1%9,5%
66Ford Group6.389.2526.283.780-1,7%6,7%
77Honda Motor4.934.1995.264.8606,7%5,6%
1111Mercedes Daimler2.493.7222.719.8619,1%2,9%
1314Geely Group1.413.0141.950.32738,0%2,1%
1617Dongfeng Motor1.052.0571.106.8775,2%1,2%
1919Great Wall938.549939.9660,2%1,0%
2129SAIC Motor360.114685.37590,3%0,7%
2221Chery Automobile689.244651.961-5,4%0,7%
2328GAC Group392.730509.47229,7%0,5%
2422Jac Motors597.962447.024-25,2%0,5%