Australia Best selling cars 2016. Toyota Hilux leader thanks to the final rush

Australia Best selling cars

Australia Best selling cars 2016 was the Toyota Hilux, emerged on top thanks to he last quarter rush, overtaking the traditional leader, the Toyota Corolla and the emerging compact Hyundai i30. Ford Ranger in fourth. 

Since years the leadership in the Australian vehicles market has been a duel between the Toyota Corolla, usually the first, and its rival, the Mazda3. This was the top of the list last year while the 2016 has presented a great news, with a new leader coming from Korea, the Hyundai i30, able to fight vis-a-vis with the other two compact cars.

However, thanks to a year-end rush, the 2016 leader had been a pick up, the Toyota Hilux, up 2 spots from the previous year, first with 42.104 sales (+19%), almost 2k more than the Toyota Corolla, second with 40.330 (-1.1%) and over 5k on the third, the Hyundai i30, with 37.772 units (+16.9%).

In fourth place the Ford Ranger,  with 36.954 sales (+26.6%) confirming a roaring year for the pick up segment, followed by the Mazda3 with 36.107 sales (-6.6%), the Toyota Camry with 26.485 (-4.2%), the Holden Commodore with 25.860 units (-6.9%), the Mazda CX-5 with 24.564 (-2.3%), the Mitsubishi Triton with 21.987 sales (-13.2%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Golf with 20.367 sales (-10.1%).

Looking behind, it was remarkable the score of the last generation of the new Hyundai Tucson, landed in 11th place with 20.132 sales.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 100 models.


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