Austria. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Austria best selling cars

Austria best selling cars ranking in 2019 saw the end of the Volkswagen Golf’s domain, as the Skoda Octavia conquered the market throne, holding 3% of share. The Volkswagen T-roc jumped in 4th place, while the Tiguan slipped two positions, holding just 1.7% of share.

In Austria, Volkswagen is placing four cars in the first six positions of the ranking, with the historic leader – the Golf – losing the domain in 2019.

Indeed, the Skoda Octavia, managed to conquer the market crown, growing from 1.2% of share in 2010 to 3%, ahead of the former leader – the Volkswagen Golf – which was dominating for the entire decade, but crumbling from a peak of 6.3% in 2014 to 2.9% in 2019.

In third place, the Volkswagen Polo – declining in double-digits – defend the podium from the attack of the fast-growing Volkswagen T-Roc, up 1 spot from the previous year and holding 2.3% of share.

Behind, the Skoda Fabia kept a stable 2% of share, ahead of the worst model of the year – the Volkswagen Tiguan – which lost 2 spots, and the Seat Ibiza, which held 1.4%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top 50 models.

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