Best selling Cars in Italy. The top 100 in 2017

Italian best selling cars

Best selling Cars in Italy in the 2017 dominated by the Fiat Panda with a wide gap over the Lancia Ypsilon and the Fiat Tipo. The leader among imported vehicles was the Renault Clio ahead of a raising star, the last generation of Citroen C3.

Best selling car ranking in Italy has always been a feud of Fiat, a brand holding over 20% of market share. Mirroring the sales distribution by class, on top of the list there are all city and small cars and in the final 2016 ranking, there was only one C class car within the top 10.

In the 2017, while the total market is growing faster than expected, the ranking of top 50 models has not dramatically changed, considering the low-level of new models introduced in the market so far.

In the 2017, the best-selling car in the market was, for the 6th consecutive, the city-car Fiat Panda with 146.033 sales (-0.6%), followed by the Lancia Ypsilon with 60.320 units (-8.1%) and the Fiat Tipo with 56.049 (+77.6%).

In fourth place the Fiat 500 with 43.963 (+18.9%) ahead of the leader of imported vehicles, the Renault Clio with 52.629 units (+5.7%), the Citroen C3 with 48.667 (+55.6%), the Fiat 500L with 46.459 (-14.9%).

In eight place the Fiat 500X with 45.793 (-0.9%) followed by the Volkswagen Golf with 41.829 units (-10.4%) and the Ford Fiesta with 41.289 units (-5.2%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Fiat Panda146.033147.283-0,8%
22Lancia Ypsilon60.32065.663-8,1%
314Fiat Tipo56.04931.55577,6%
47Fiat 50053.96345.40018,9%
54Renault Clio52.62949.7985,7%
615Citroen C348.66731.27455,6%
73Fiat 500L46.45954.578-14,9%
86Fiat 500x45.79346.232-0,9%
95Volkswagen Golf41.82946.708-10,4%
109Ford Fiesta41.28943.573-5,2%
1110Volkswagen Polo39.49843.096-8,3%
1212Jeep Renegade37.63834.3319,6%
138Fiat Punto37.26145.208-17,6%
1413Toyota Yaris36.94832.11015,1%
1511Peugeot 20836.71234.7935,5%
1617Nissan Qashqai31.35028.8238,8%
1718Renault Captur29.90128.2555,8%
1831Volkswagen Tiguan29.16715.40089,4%
1916Opel Corsa28.79630.508-5,6%
2020Opel Mokka28.13323.79918,2%
2124Dacia Sandero27.65820.69333,7%
2223Dacia Duster24.57222.3709,8%
2321Peugeot 200823.37423.3690,0%
2419Alfa Romeo Giulietta20.90723.831-12,3%
2522Hyundai Tucson20.87122.893-8,8%
2628Ford Ecosport19.24717.19911,9%
2743Ford Kuga18.19411.58457,1%
2825Smart Fortwo18.01219.477-7,5%
2929Kia Sportage16.96416.6132,1%
3084Peugeot 300816.8565.165226,4%
3140Nissan Micra16.85211.93441,2%
32Toyota C-HR16.616
3339Volkswagen Up!16.20612.08134,1%
3437Hyundai i1015.73913.44017,1%
3526Peugeot 30815.42519.396-20,5%
3630Mercedes A Class14.90916.349-8,8%
3732Renault Kadjar14.65415.151-3,3%
3827Audi A314.15617.837-20,6%
3934Ford Focus14.13614.396-1,8%
4055Renault Mégane14.0579.56746,9%
4146BMW X113.34210.84123,1%
4236Toyota Aygo12.91913.465-4,1%
4333Ford C-Max12.14814.399-15,6%
4561BMW 1 Series11.4718.55234,1%
4635Audi A411.43714.067-18,7%
47Audi Q211.045
4851Opel Karl10.8409.9708,7%
4999Renault Scénic10.6083.200231,5%
5047Hyundai i2010.47610.803-3,0%
5138Opel Astra10.17713.251-23,2%
5244Kia Rio10.00411.542-13,3%
5357Citroen C49.9569.3037,0%
5463Ford B-Max9.9468.51316,8%
5541BMW 2 Series9.89311.832-16,4%
5688Alfa Romeo Giulia9.7744.628111,2%
5764Skoda Octavia9.6778.27117,0%
5842Audi Q39.62011.634-17,3%
59120Ford Ka+9.4322.253318,6%
6053Land Rover Range Rover Evoque9.1899.901-7,2%
6150Mini Countryman9.02910.083-10,5%
62184Suzuki Ignis8.9416101365,7%
6349Toyota Auris8.79010.328-14,9%
6458Smart Forfour8.6548.933-3,1%
6548BMW 3 Series8.65210.499-17,6%
6654Renault Twingo8.5319.598-11,1%
6745Volkswagen Passat8.52710.929-22,0%
6862Mercedes GLA8.4608.541-0,9%
6971Skoda Fabia8.1757.09415,2%
7059Mercedes C Class8.0628.869-9,1%
7186Kia Picanto7.9384.89662,1%
7268Toyota RAV47.8337.7061,6%
7356Mercedes B Class7.7729.440-17,7%
7465Citroen C17.7308.102-4,6%
75Jeep Compass7.668
7654Suzuki Vitara7.6219.598-20,6%
7760Nissan Juke7.2918.554-14,8%
7892Audi Q57.2404.24170,7%
7966Citroen C4 Cactus7.0868.031-11,8%
8067Alfa Romeo MiTo7.0647.734-8,7%
8178Nissan X-Trail6.8885.65821,7%
8269Peugeot 1086.8037.457-8,8%
8375Hyundai ix206.5656.2275,4%
84107Mercedes E Class6.0152.704122,4%
8570Land Rover Discovery Sport5.9517.197-17,3%
86Opel Crossland X5.676
8772Audi A15.6706.910-17,9%
8877Mercedes GLC5.6025.795-3,3%
8979Seat Ibiza5.5625.589-0,5%
9076Seat Leon5.4305.950-8,7%
9182Volvo V405.4265.3860,7%
9274Opel Adam5.1696.305-18,0%
9383Mercedes CLA4.6655.267-11,4%
9494BMW 5 Series4.6243.97416,4%
9595Abarth 5954.5713.79220,5%
9673Opel Meriva4.5586.400-28,8%
9791Volvo XC604.3384.370-0,7%
98151Seat Ateca4.2051.200250,4%
9981Audi A64.0275.429-25,8%
10080Mini Clubman3.8745.431-28,7%
10190Kia Venga3.8374.372-12,2%