Bulgaria 2023. Auto Market Grew For The 3rd Year In Row, Rising 34.0% In Volume.

The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Platinum
The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Platinum

Bulgaria vehicles market in 2023 closed with a total of 47,398 sales, a 34.0% increase compared to last year. This strong momentum was also reflected in December which grew 41.2% with 3,794 new sales.

Market Trend and Outlook

The Bulgarian vehicles market in 2023 reported a total of  47,398 sales, up 34.0% from the previous year. Volume rose for the 18th consecutive month in December, with new sales at 3,794 (+41.2%).

Looking at cumulative data up to December 2023 brand-wise, Toyota was still the market’s leader with 5,359 sales (+32.3%), followed by Renault -down 1 spot- with 4,732 new vehicle registrations (+13.8%) and Volkswagen -up 1 spot- with 4,473 units sold (+68.1%).

Dacia lost 1 spot into in 4th with 4,192 sales (+32.1%), in front of Skoda with 4,144 new registrations (+72.0%), Ford -up 3 spots- at 2,777 (+54.1%), Hyundai -up 1 spot- with 2,670 units sold (+36.0%) and Peugeot -down 2 spots- with 2,482 sales (+13.6%).

Kia maintained 9th position reporting 2,442 sales (+24.1%) and Mercedes closed the top 10 with 2,060 units sold so far (+36.6%).

Medium-Term Market Trend

The car market in recent years was steadily recovering from the huge fall reported in 2009. The market was improving since 2014 and in 2018 reached 41,390 sales (+10.8%) before hitting the best level of the decade in 2019 – almost equalizing the 2008’s volume – with 44,449 units sold (+7.4%).

Sales in 2020 were heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting all sectors. In fact, 28,705 units have been sold, reporting a decline of 35.4%.

Following the decline reported during the pandemic, in 2021 the market recovered 15.4% while accumulating 31,138 new light vehicle sales.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturer Groups.

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