Bulgarian vehicles sales

Bulgaria 2019. Dacia strengthens the leadership in the best market in this decade

Bulgarian vehicles sales in 2019 have further grown, hitting the best score in this decade. Indeed, Total sales have been 44.449, up 7.4% and December increased by 2.9% at 2.893. Dacia reinforced the leadership reaching 12.2% of market share, ahead of Renault and Skoda.

Bulgarian vehicles sales

Bulgaria 2018. Dacia leading in a market up 10.8%

Bulgarian vehicles sales grew 10.8% in 2018 improving for the fourth consecutive time, ending the year with 41.390 sales. Dacia is still the market leader - up 10.8% - followed by Renault and Skoda.

Bulgarian car sales

Bulgaria 2017. Kia shines in a market up 19%

Bulgarian car sales ended the 2017 with a strong performance, up 19.8% from the previous year, thanks to the positive economic environment. Dacia is market leader but Koreans are gaining spaces, with Kia star of the year, up 123%.

Bulgarian Cars Market

Bulgaria 2016. Sales at best in the last sixth years

Bulgarian Cars Market in 2016 posted the highest sales level since 2010, postingt the third increase in a string. Dacia remained the most popular brand, pushed up by Dokker. Great Wall is collapsing.

Bulgaria Best Selling Cars

Bulgaria Best Selling Cars. The top 100 ranking

Bulgaria Best Selling Cars ranking in the 2015 led again by the Dacia Dokker while Nissan Qashqai advanced in third and Renault Captur jumped in the podium.

Bulgaria Car Industry

Bulgaria 2015: Market grew fast over 30%

Bulgaria Car Industry in 2015 reports a strong increase thanks to a wonderful Q4 with sales improved over 30%. Renault jumped in second place thanks to strong demand on the compact SUV Captur.

Bulgarian Vehicles Market

Bulgaria 2014. Market recovered slowly

2014 reported a little recovery for the Bulgarian Vehicles Market still very far from “good times” volume. Dacia is market leader ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota.