Colombia car market

Colombia 2020. Suzuki registers the top 10 hold (-10.7%) in market down 28.5%

Colombian vehicles market falls due to the global pandemic affecting sales. Indeed, Full Year 2020 sales have been 188.665, down 28.5% compared to 2019. Ford registers the sharpest drop on the leaderboard, falling 39%.

Colombia best selling cars

Colombia. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Colombia best selling cars in 2019 was dominated by Renault which placed 4 models in the first 5 positions. The Chevrolet Onix gained the podium with an outstanding growth. However, the best car was the Renault Kwid, climbing in 5th place.

Colombian Auto Market

Colombia. Renault taking the lead of a market up 1.8% in 2019

Colombian Auto Market in 2019 kept recovering at moderate speed. Indeed, Total sales in 2019 have been 257.222 (+1.8%). Renault has conquered the head of the ranking, putting an end to the historic domain of Chevrolet.

Colombia best selling cars

Colombia best selling cars. The top 50 in the 2018

Colombia best selling cars ranking in 2018 the market leader, the Renault Sandero, ahead of the Chevrolet Spark and the Renault Logan. Outstanding performances were scored by the Mazda2, the Chevrolet Onix and the Toyota Prado.

Colombian Auto Market

Colombia 2018. Toyota & Volkswagen shine in a market up 7.9%

Colombian Auto Market has grown 7.9% in 2018 interrupting the recent years negative trend, closing with registrations at 256.662. Chevrolet kept the lead, only few units ahead of Renault. Impressive performances registered by Toyota and Volkswagen.

Colombia best selling cars

Colombia best selling cars 2017.

Colombia best selling cars 2017 ranking  confirms the domination Chevrolet Spark, followed by the Chevrolet Sail and the Renault Sandero. The market has lost 6% from the previous year.

Colombian Car Sales

Colombia 2017. Vehicles sales down 6% hit by economic crisis

Colombian Car Sales kept the negative momentum in the 2017 losing 6% and falling at lowest in last 17 years. Bad news from economic recovery, with S&P’s credit rating downgrade, could further penalize consumer confidence. 

Colombian Vehicles Sales 2016

Colombia 2016. Sales down 10%, Fiat down 84%

Colombian Vehicles Sales 2016 fell down in double-digit for the 2nd consecutive year. Renault ranked 2nd, pushed up by Sandero, the new best-selling model while Jaguar was the best performer.

Colombia Vehicles Market

Colombia 2015. Vehicles market dropped in double-digit.

Colombia Vehicles Market in 2015 dropped in double-digit hit by weak economy and record low peso. Following the boom in vehicles sales during the last decade the market paused in the last 9 months of falls.

car market in Colombia

Colombia 2014. Market at the second best level ever

2014 was the second best ever for car market in Colombia thanks to a huge 52% December increase. Chevrolet defended its share at one fourth of total, followed by Renault & Kia.