Colombia best selling cars 2017.

Colombia best selling cars

Colombia best selling cars 2017 ranking  confirms the domination Chevrolet Spark, followed by the Chevrolet Sail and the Renault Sandero. The market has lost 6% from the previous year.

Colombian vehicles market established the all time record in the 2014 with 326.023 sales, before to suffer for the economic crisis and decline to 253.291 in the 2016 ,the worse figure out of last 6 years. The introduction in January 2017 of a fiscal reform, including a 3 points of VAT increased hike, let the market in negative territory for the first part of the 2017. However, the trend is stabilizing and full year sales should be only marginally down, before to start recovering in the 2018, projected above 262.000. According to data released by ANDI, the Colombian Associations of Car Manufacturers, new vehicles sales in the full year 2017 have been 238.132 (-6.0%).

Best-selling cars in the 2017 was controlled again by the Chevrolet Spark with 16.874 units (-1.7%) as in the previous year.

In second place the the Chevrolet Sail with 14.344 (-7.5%) ahead of  the Renault Sandero with 11.585 (-30.8%).

In fourth place the Renault Logan with 11.064 units (-11.1%) followed by the Kia Picanto with 9.385 (-19.1%), the Renault Duster with 8.369 (-37.6%) and the Mazda3 with 7.532 units (-15.7%)

In eight place the Renault Stepway with 7.299 (+50.1%) ahead of the Mazda2 with 6.759 (+36.0%) and in 10th place the Chevrolet Tracker with 6.247 units (-20.7%).

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F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within Colombia Store.

Rank 2017Rank 2016 Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Chevrolet Spark16.87417.160-1,7%
23Chevrolet Sail14.34415.512-7,5%
32Renault Sandero11.58516.752-30,8%
45Renault Logan11.06412.442-11,1%
56Kia Picanto9.38511.599-19,1%
64Renault Duster8.36913.411-37,6%
813Renault Stepway7.2994.86250,1%
108Chevrolet Tracker6.2477.875-20,7%
1110Ford Fiesta5.8605.981-2,0%
1211Nissan March4.9635.422-8,5%
139Kia Rio4.4136.575-32,9%
1418Mazda CX-54.3513.44026,5%
1515Nissan Frontier4.1933.9017,5%
1621Ford Escape3.3923.1029,3%
17Nissan Kicks3.299
1820Nissan Versa3.2913.2760,5%
1914Kia Sportage3.2384.110-21,2%
2017Volkswagen Gol3.2203.467-7,1%
2126Chevrolet Onix3.1062.56621,0%
2219Ford Ecosport2.7483.312-17,0%
2316Renault Clio2.6673.477-23,3%
24Renault Captur2.397
25Chevrolet NHR2.343
2623Chevrolet F Series2.2872.880-20,6%
2736Nissan Qashqai2.2741.80026,3%
2827Chevrolet N Series2.1672.513-13,8%
2931Toyota Prado2.0972.206-4,9%
3032Hyundai Tucson2.0872.191-4,7%
3186Toyota RAV41.998324516,7%
3222Chevrolet Sonic1.9722.892-31,8%
3341Hyundai Accent1.8571.28045,1%
34Suzuki Vitara1.837
3530Toyota Hilux1.7892.235-20,0%
3653Volkswagen Voyage1.65784097,3%
3742Nissan X-Trail1.6401.27928,2%
3828Suzuki Swift1.6142.482-35,0%
3974Kia Cerato1.517504201,0%
4029Kia Eko (taxi)1.5082.436-38,1%
4124Chevrolet N3001.4812.756-46,3%
4252Ford Explorer1.43093552,9%
4334Toyota Fortuner1.4001.998-29,9%
44Mazda CX-31.332
4540Honda CR-V1.2321.380-10,7%
4745Mercedes Trucks1.1041.1040,0%
4860DFM Mini Truck1.08172050,1%
4946Dodge Journey1.0661.0382,7%
5037Suzuki Grand Vitara1.0641.740-38,9%