Myanmar 2023. Vehicle Market Is Converted In EV By Military Regime

Myanmar Vehicles Industry is under restructuring process, imposed by military regime. In 2023 new vehicles sales dropped by 46% as ICE models are progressively banned and EVs incentivized.

The 2024 Geely Galaxy L7

Philippines 2023. Vehicle Market Jump Up 17% At The Second Highest In History

Philippines Vehicle Market in 2023 advanced at the second highest level ever. Total vehicles sales reached 442,150 (+17.1%). While Toyota kept the leadership, Mitsubishi was the fastest growing.

Indonesia 2023. Best Selling Cars Top 50 Ranking

Indonesia Best Selling Car in 2023 is the Toyota Kijang (+41.6%) followed by the Toyota Avanza (+7.2%). The Daihatsu Sigra rises 20.1% from the previous year to gain the third place.

Thailand 2023. Best Selling Cars Top 50 Ranking Celebrate Toyota Yaris On Podium

Thailand Best Selling Cars ranking from 2023 sees the Isuzu D-Max still as market leader despite losing 27.1% in volume. The Toyota Yaris Ativ enters the podium rising 5 spots and 111.1% in sales.

The 2023 Mazda CX-60

Indonesia 2023. Vehicle Market Slightly Falls (-4.2%) Hit By Economic Environment

Indonesian Vehicles Sales slightly fall back in 2023. New vehicles sales in 2023 have been 1,02 million (-4.1%),  breaking a 3 year positive streak. Toyota remains best-selling brand (+1.6%).

The 2023 Ford Escape

Vietnam 2023. Vehicle Market Down 19.5% After A Great Success In The Previous Year

Vietnamese Vehicles Market crashes heavily. In 2023 total sales reach 698,256 registrations, down 19.5%. Ford up 3 spots into 4th place (+34.4%).
The 2023 Audi RS7 Sportback performance

Singapore 2023. Car Market Slightly Falls Back (-2.3%)

Singapore Car Market slightly decreased in 2023. Total sales were 30,221 (-2.3%.) Toyota consolidated the leadership gaining in double-digit, followed by Mercedes and BMW.

Laos 2023. Hit By Currency Depreciation Auto Market Gained Moderately (+2.3%)

Lao Vehicle Market kept growing in 2023. While at a moderate speed, the market continued the positive pathway. Sales were 22.320 (+2.3%), the best performance in 8 years. Although losing sales Toyota is still market leader.

Cambodia 2023. Car Sales Jumped 10% At New All Time Record

Cambodia auto market kept growing in 2023. Full Year sales increase 10.9% sustained by a solid GDP growth and strong consumer demand. While Chinese OEMs are gaining terrain, Toyota leads the ranking, ahead of Mitsubishi.

The 2023 Honda Pilot

Thailand 2023. Auto Market Gained Volume Rising 3.6% From 2022

Thailand Vehicles Market in 2023 closed with a total of 651,317 sales, a 3.6% increase compared to last year. Despite December reporting a 0.9% loss, with a total of 35,814 new sales.